Haus of Sages
An Invitation for Inspiration

Haus of Sages

Haus of Sages was inspired by Visual Artists, Chris and Maharlika Sage. Known as the Sages, as a place to share their creativity in photography, poetry, tea rituals and holistic lifestyle.

Since the start of their union in 2009, the Sages have expanded their repertoire of Film, commercial, music video work with intimately curated events, experiences and designing textiles.

Their written work has been published in both Visual effects and wellness magazines. More recently published poetry book by M. Sage, titled Flowerbook , and her latest planetary guide- a printed zine, The Inner Sun to add to their collective work.

Together, as cosmic seekers and nature lovers, they explore the nuances of love and connection.

This November 2019, The Sages will be showing their talents/ with on their first Artist residency+ installation at the Palm Spring Museum.

Exhibit: “ One Encounter, One Moment”, is inspired by their love of rituals, textiles and tea— Along with displaying their work, there will be four workshops taking place Nov 24, Dec 7, 8, 14th. To look a class descriptions and sign up at if you would like to attend. The exhibit is free for members but a small fee for those who are stopping by. We appreciate your support.


As artists we long to share a story of who we are. In our true essence, we Sage’s are makers, creators, and givers.

Each year we continue to expand on just what that means to us, even if one year it is something very different but new and exciting to us. We are inspired by natures backdrop, it is our guide to limitless creation; manifesting a narrative of function, sustainability and eloquence.

Thank you for supporting our work.

Love, The Sages