Our Story

Chris and Maharlika Sage met under the fiery planetary sign, Aries in 2009.  Spring time lovers they were destined to be together. Several months later swept by the winds of love, carried these soulmates cliff-side, on a volcano looking out into Aegean Sea of Santorini Greece, where they exchanged vows and embraced their union as Sages as the Sun was setting and the Moon was rising.

As they settled into married life, their home in Venice became a place of ideas, new adventures, random masquerade balls, musical nights, and where Tea ceremonies became a place to commune.  It was there in that magical home, when they realized the energy of ones home and the love they share was a harmonious invitation into their Heart Space.

After adventuring overseas drinking tea on Sacred Mountains a new chapter began. Residing now Topanga Canyon,  where deer crosses their paths and hawks soar above them. They are frequently greeted by an Owl who sits in tree by their window illuminating a medicine of wisdom and care.

As Nature lovers, Tea enthusiasts, Cosmic seekers... The Sages together are Visual Artists, Writers, Poets, Connectors. A combination of Earth, Water and Metal. Humbling throwing twenty five events in the past six years, have written published articles, and continue to explore the nuances of this beautiful life.


Haus of Sages was born...  as a place where they can express creativity and community. There are three Sages so far in their house, Chris, Mikki, (Beidou- the Kitty)... but an invitation for more Sages is the plan. :)

 Sage Love is here...

Sage Love is here...