Artworkby Eve James

Artworkby Eve James

As above So below... with Vedic Astrologer Eve James and Acupuncturist Alec Bridges.

by Maharlika Sage

Earlier in the year we had an idea to record a podcast on Medical Astrology, Combined with Health and Wellness as a philosophical guide to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Our preference study is with Vedic astrology known in Sanskrit: ज्योतिष, Jyotiṣa. and Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM... together as a viewpoint that coincides and compliments other healing practices.

Our topic Insomnia... Inspired by living in a transient city such as Los Angeles. with a constant movement of energy, We wanted to explore the realms of these connections with our birth time, the present moment, and using this infortmation as a way in which we can heal ourselves holistically.

I am thankful to Eve for her superb and vast knowledge on Vedic astrology, and to Alec who kindly gives great suggestions on how we can work on harnessing our sleep patterns with Traditional Chinese medicine. Truthfully supporting their work stirred this vision... realizing my work is to connect the human spirit, I am grateful in the opportunity to share this voice.

Many apologies for the original platform, with some clarity, our work is now available free on audio format. If you are interested in donating to our work click on the link below. While it is not necessary, we appreciate your generosity (please click on the shop page).

For further questions, or to schedule a reading with Eve James, or a Consultation with Alec Bridges. Please email directly.

Series One: Insomnia, *27mins (running time).

Credits: Vedic Astrologer: Eve James

Acupuncturist: Alec Bridges:

Produced by Maharlika Sage.

Edited by Alec Bridges and Maharlika Sage.

Music by Alec Bridges

Cover Album Artwork by Eve James

Thank you to Alec and Eve for this beautiful program!

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  Lord Vishnu : The Hindu God  Vishnu  is the preserver of the universe and upholds Dharma.

Lord Vishnu :The Hindu God Vishnu is the preserver of the universe and upholds Dharma.