Obtained from a plant and used especially in gin or cosmetics.


I consider using beauty products to be made in the most natural organic way possible. Every product I've used for the past 20 years, I have researched and tested on how it felt on my body.

In 2004 after spending over a decade working on Music Videos, Commercials and notebly Film Music production, I felt a desire to create a product. Looking back now, it was an accomplishment...I had no idea what I was doing and really did not have much guidance. Besides that, I never thought to go to a lab and have someone create this, instead I went to my kitchen. I began reading, researching and testing all the natural lip balms out there. during that time there weren't many.

Feeling the desire to go inward and learning the feminine aspects of myself making lip balm felt very gratifying. Prior to my lip balm journey, I mostly worked in a male dominated career path. I felt the necessary pull to create some balance in my life, and believe it or not making something like Lip-balms brought out the feminine in me... Lip balm was certainly one of few make-up items I actually had on all the time, so it felt right.

There in my kitchen I learned to whip up small batches of lip balm, understanding texture and choosing ingredients that were organic, and from ethical resources. While my lip balm ingredients is still tried and true, I went through a series of title changes, first with the name Hiwa Lani adding a mens lip balm called Hunter, later traveling to Spain which inspired me once again to change the name to Lip Joy named after my Mom.

The quality ingredients not only help severe chapped lips but help with fading scars. While I sold tons of lip balm over the years and even carried it in Erewhon Hollywood in 2008, lip balm making took a back seat when I started my writing career. I still make small batches from time to time for friends, and recently started playing in the kitchen again with oils, herbs and tinctures. Who knows, what creation will come in the future, right?

Since recently opening our shop, I will occasionally be offering limited editions of my lip balm, so please look out for those postings, as it will only come randomly when the timing is right.

The ingredients are simple... Organic Nut Butters, Handmade with lots and lots lip love. -Maharlika