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Haus of Sages events are one of a kind experiences from tea ceremonies, art exhibitions, healing events, book parties collaborating with many beautiful artist and taste-makers, no space is limited to all they dream up.

The Inner Sun ~ Zine- Pre Sale
to Aug 1

The Inner Sun ~ Zine- Pre Sale


The Inner Sun

I have written something new, it is here and I’m ready to share this work. It is reflection of who I am today, not 5 years ago but today.

That said, it has always been with me and I share my own interpretation. Some of the last few years of my study in Ayurveda, Jyotish, planetary alignments and our own divine blueprint has lead me here.

The Inner Sun will be a beautifully art printed magazine filled with seven planetary insights on how to work with our new birth year (yes, our birthday). These short stories will stoke your curiosity and carry reflections and understanding throughout the year.

Artwork by dearest muse Melissa McConnell, who establishes her waxing poetic art to lead the journey ahead, she evokes her mystical beauty to my written words .

**This is a pre-sale launch is to establish our printing fees. $22— per Magazine until Aug 1st. There are two easy ways to help support.

1). **Paypal or Venmo and copy this email to support this work, please use " friends and family" to by-pass extra fees. We will email you a confirmation. **

2). You are also welcome to use the shop link to purchase a presale book. But there will be additional fees but perhaps easier.

please know by going directly this will help us with the preliminary stages whilst trying to use a "no extra fees" way to help establish our printing cost.

Thank you for your support,

Maharlika & Melissa

Descriptions and Insight.

“ There is a birthright, a personality that reflects the time when we were born. It is our blueprint and our unique way of understanding why we are here. The simplicity is just to absorb this as a dynamic piece of mathematical theory from the Vedas, the philosophers and the ancient ones who have already translated these meanings infinitely through time and space. These messages continue to live within us.

Each planet has a seamless supply of information and knowledge, so I am not here to share anything new, but my own personal translation that can help serve as a guide of how each planet can relate to our existence based on the day of our birth.

Our unique distinction is our birthday, calculated by information already existing and those numbers relating to our planets. These seven planets are our great influencers and clear channel to what we are seeking.

Each day of the week also has a resident planet. Understand this idea communicated also by the days of the year ".

-Inner Sun by M.SAGE

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Power Ring Workshop+ Tea Ceremony
2:00 PM14:00

Power Ring Workshop+ Tea Ceremony

Please join us for a Power Ring Symbol workshop with Jewelry Designer Amanda Marie Espy of Ritual Gold.

We will begin with a silent tea ceremony at 2pm (prompty), to ground in our space before we begin our class. This workshops is 4 hours and located in the beloved Topanga Canyon in a private home and will be with a small intimate group.

Beautiful Sounds, Meditation, Snacks, Tea, Water will be provided.

Cost $75

Once you have RSVP'd- Please go to Amanda's Venmo and pay her directly.

You will then get a confirmtaion email with an address.

Thank you.

Amanda and Mikki

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