Feb 19, 2017

For my insight on book+ party release + photos, go to Journal page (link below).


           An Undeniable Force of Nature

It's with great joy to announce, A collaboration of Women, Nature + Photography + Poetry, An Undeniable Force of Nature. All images inspired with nature + women as a collective Poetry book.

Poetry by Maharlika Sage (nickname Mikki)

Limited Series, of 100 Books

_*70 BOOKS have been preSOLD, only a handful books are available for purchase at the book party and online.

Poetry Art/Coffee Table Book Hardcover, 8.5 x 11, 124p Full Color Photography.



Jan 15, 2018

It's a New Moon and the Flowerbooks **_have arrived. Hooray!! Let's celebrate! The party will be located in Culver City at a private gallery on Feb 3rd. Invites will go out on Jan 22, 2017 to those who have previously purchased a book, those who were part of the book, and special invites who supported our vision of Nature and Women. Please email us at Hausofsages@gmail.com for further interest in attending.



Photographers:: Katherina Acevedo, Monroe Alvarez, Angela De la Agua, Talia Migliaccio, Melissa Park Rousseau, Julia Corbett, Tierney Gearon, Ashley Elizabeth Stern, Nastassia Brückin, Shannon Sellers, Kassia Meador, Shanna Yates, Magen Buse, Marina Staley, Alison Love, Shiva Rose, Kalish Cassel Feiss, Maharlika Sage.

Luminaries:: Tabitha Rose, Ally Walsh, Jaclyn DeSantis, Diana Garcia, Kirsty Hume, Violet Leitch, Mijanou Montealegre, Melissa McConnell, Baelyn Elspeth, Irene Skau, Michele Capra, Brianna Falcone, Naama Giovani, Bristol Baughn, Truly Jade Newman, Emily Cadenhead, Shannon McDonald, Cara Marie Piazza, Sophia Moreno-Bunge, Allie Buckley, Erin Karr, Deborah Hanekamp, Caitlin Deane, Lindsay Mack, Erin Rico, Prema Jen Posner, Adriana Rivera, Kelsey Barrett, Kristen Flores, Anna Rothfuss, Lindsey Kaye, Keara Gallagher.

Book cover Design : By Associates www.byassociates.com

Photographer: Katherina Acevedo, Muse: Tabitha Rose

Design Editorial: Talia Migliaccio

Supervising Editor: Chris Sage


Working Time-Line

Dec 26th, 2017

Happy New Year friends! Books are being printed and will be here mid January. Further announcements for the party will come then.

November 21, 2017 Exciting news ~ We've raised more than half of the funds from both presale and our fundrasier to go to print. Expected date is TBA. We still have a bit to go, Please continue to share the link or go shop page to buy a book.

Looking Ahead Book Party date will be announced in January. It takes eight weeks to print and delivery books. All books including presales will be availble at the Book Party. In the event you can not make it to Los Angeles, it will be sent by mail thereafter. Thank you for supporting this beautiful collective group of women, nature and poetry.

**November 14, 2017 Go Fund Me Campaign, I have decided to crowd-source this book for some extra love outside of my network. Please share this link to those who you think will love the book. All donations will go to printing. Click the GoFund Me link campaign here. http://www.gofundme.com/flowerbook

In addition, I share my dear tea sister Suzanne Toro interviewing me on her podcast about my book, so please go to the link shared on the site to take a listen. **Expected date of release is contingent of pre-salses for the printing of this book.

Oct 14th, 2017
Printing + Book release.

I have decided to go with another printing company for many complicated reasons but I am quickly working on that. I apologize for all the delays if you have purchased a book, thank you for hanging in there. It means so much!!

Sept 20th: The printing company located in Mexico City was hit with a massaive earthquake, and while unharmed, our friends need our help. We have donated monies to [http://www.topos.mx/][1], This is a crucial time to help our sister country, including Puetro Rico who are in dire need and necessary for support.

Sept 14th A pre-order purchase has begun. (Sept 14th- Sept 25th) 2017

(Project started March 2016 / Published, Printed Feb 2018)

<>>> Some of the beautiful photos part of Flowerbook, some very similar but in the end were not chosen <<<>



The Giver: I carry with me stones and amulets that have brought me and you the spirits of the moon, stars and sunlight. It goes into each chakra humming like a bird.
— MS
Wind: She will blow you away with her earnest affection. She will laugh and play until the very next day.
— MS
Time passes: I’m not the same. Quiet now while I think of you. Spin my umbrella round turning west, descending into soft clouds, colder into teardrops.
— MS
Listening: Her drum beats call the birds. circling as the wind moves with her breath. Her heart pounding as she stood in silence.
— MS
Poppy:: I have sat in fields of poppies time and time again escaping the mundane. Thinking of worlds unknown, creating work that taps into my divine. A portal where all things are limitless, freeing and carried by time.
— MS
Finding Summer :: The winds pursue me, summer soaked in my skin. Golden light lured me into the ocean, calling me solstice. sun kissing strands of my hair, tangled and salty, cleanse my body as the waves crash over me.
— MS

Books & Poetry


Writer + Poet... Maharlika Sage has been working on her first novel the last four+ years. As she expresses, It has been a time of great change, cultivating her personal style through photography. Along with finding her voice in the literary world, she has written and published several magazine articles for both health, yoga, visual effects and art magazines. In 2016, she felt inspired to create a visual concept poetry book.

Maharlika will soon be publishing a Poetry Book titled, An Undeniable Force of Nature, also known as Flowerbook... A conceptual expression of her love of flowers and nature, collaborating with creative women who are inspired by photography both professionally and personally, pairing their visuals as a framework for her poetic voice.