TEA ART w/ Chandran Gallery

Hello San Francisco !

If you have been part of our instagram community or living in Los Angeles, then you probably know we Sages are Tea Sages.... Here to explore and support the relationship of tea on all levels especially through community.

In 2015 we met our very dear tea friends who quickly became family, Tea ceremacist Peter Kuo and wife Cici Chan were introduced to us by our tea sister Mia after a tea journey to Wuyi with our Global Tea Hut Family.

It was an instant liking as they were just so very kind and simply generous enough to drive us around Yingee Taiwan in our last days of travel... Months later, through spontaneously emailing on finding a geometric pot for my love Chris, a surprise birthday gift, a conversation manifested into our first Tea Art Exhibit collaboration. Together curating our first Tea Art + Pottery exhibit in Santa Monica in Jan of 2016, where Tea pots literally flew off the shelves and it became something that continues to grow and evolve our friendship.

We are Friends helping friends expand relationships with our growing Tea community in the West Coast. In hindsight, it was all so very serendipidous... just how we like it.

Cici decided to travel back to California to continue forming Tea relations and while here we decided to once again show Peter's latest work, this time heading north to the Chandran Gallery in San Francisco.

Though Peter will not be in attendance, he is extremely excited and connects in spirit from across the sea. He is currently busy working on new kettle creations, teaching students and working on future prospects for their new art studio opening next year in the countryside.

Cici will represent his work as she does so gracefully, by giving a short talk and open conversation on Peter's teaware during the opening night June 27th at 8pm.

The show will run for only a few days. June 27th until June 30th. All work will be on display throughout those days and the evenings will be festive with many Teaware lovers, drinkers and enthusiast being part of the gallery show.

Please come by and show your support. The event is free to the public but there will be a donation based charge for ceremonies and tea service.

Schedule and info below ::


Chandran Gallery 459 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Tuesday June 27th through Friday June 30th 5pm-9pm

Schedule as Followed:

Tuesday June 27th Gongfu Tea served by Koa Kalish 6pm-8pm. ( $5-$20 donation per person w/ service) First come first service. Limited to 20mins per person

Cici Chan will discuss Peter's work with a short presentation 8pm Wednesday June 28th Tea + Silent Ceremony Sit with Baelyn Elspeth. 6-8pm (Limited to 12 people, Donation $40-$60) RSVP required: Info@chandrangallery.com

Thursday June 29th Tea + Silent Ceremony sit with Maxwell 6-8pm (Limited to 12 people) **RSVP required:: Info@chandrangallery.com

Friday June 30th** Gongfu Service with Chris Sage. First come first service. Limited to 20mins per person.

All Tea service donations to cover cost of Tea, Water and Service. We grately appreciate it.

If you are interested in purchasing a tea pot, kettle, cups. Please find Mikki Sage while there.

Please email Amanda at Chandran for any further questions and RSVPS. Info@chandrangallery.com

Thank you, See you there!

Additional Info ::

大謙堂 Da Qian 柴燒創作 Wood Firing Studi 聯繫人:詹cici Contact : Cici Chan tel: 02-2670-2245 cel:0935-576-958 FB : https://www.facebook.com/DAQIAN.PETERKUO/ peterkuo.weebly.com IG :ckck1983