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Let’s just say, 2019 the year of the golden earth pig started a year of beautiful super blooms, dreamy golden sunsets, epic cloud fairy-skies and bountiful new visions knocking on our door.

It is also an ending, the last of a substantial and profound decade. Rooting ourselves and becoming part of the master plan.

Now midway through the year, It’s time to clear and cleanse for new things to come. They say, Year of the Pig is the last of the Chinese calendar year and therefore not the best years to start anything new, which makes sense if you were the last.

Looking ahead 2020 already feels like an awakening. knowing that gives me time to close this decade, this chapter in perfect order.

I’ve been on this journey to tell our story for years, but like many creative folk, business is tough when it comes to visions and concepts. It can easily get lost in fantasizing let alone keeping up with the trivials of the now age. but we have discovered our sweet spot and what makes us thrive as humans.

Let me first rewind all this as I never made a proper introduction. I know I have written about us in the past, shared our events, and wrote things that felt meaningful.

I started Haus of Sages, (pronounced HOUSE OF SAGE’S), almost ten years ago when I met my husband Chris Sage in 2009. We fell in love within weeks and found ourselves cliff side in Greece exchanging our vows. Yes, it all happened in seven months and very surprising since I hardly thought of myself as someone who’d be married ( the best decision of my life.) It wasn’t long before I was saying goodbye to a career path that was making me desperately unfulfilled. the last bits and pieces strung together of a life in film and commercial production I kept holding on to for the sake of the limelight and memories. But the reality was, I was changing.

My work had lead me to be in realms of some of the most sought after creative masterminds. Working alongside some of the best in film and commercials. I suppose working in this capacity had its glory, I was part of their success story. The training however in that kind of environment made discovering good talent earnest, a timeline of good ole fashion hard work. It was, for the most part one of the most exciting times of my life and even though I have walked away a few times over from that life, it’s never really forgotten my soul.

I have learned over time, these cosmic years, it’s part of my design. This is who I will always be, no matter what the transition.

I write this because I am truly amazed what decades can do to a person, how much one can change, between twenty to thirty, thirty to forty… And so forth. I have rationed my thoughts with all the opportunities I have been given, especially being born at a time when my early adult years surrounded me with a culture so rich in originality, it was indeed the “heyday” of the 90s’ Los Angeles scene.

I was fresh then and certainly in need of mentors... people to guide me along the way. despite learning so much and climbing the ladder, I was not quite ready to fill the shoes of an artist. Instead, I did what I can to learn what it meant to be a creative person... By working with the most creative people. Still to this day no matter what circumstances, I am always eager to learn and be with people who hold that kind of magic.

Fast forward to 18 years later…

The day finally came calling to fulfill my lifelong dream as a writer. But I wasn’t quite sure how it would all unfold.

The start seemed promising, I had the ideas but not yet the full spectrum of time in doing just that. And even though I have written many stories, published a handful of articles and did countless hours of journaling in my former years this was something very new.

In hindsight, I should have started differently, maybe stayed more open to all the different ways in being a writer, but I chose to write a romantic novel that kept me feeling like it was a slow decline to a seemingly ambitious dream. Writing is not an easy living and I am sure this is why it didn’t come to me any sooner.

Marriage however and all it’s wonder and romance kept that vision alive and revisited every piece of who I longed to be in the first five years of marriage. I basically allowed myself to free fall, and it was scary and uncomfortable. I was doubtful most of the time, but Chris was very supportive of my creative work, something that I will always be grateful for. He has been my wishbone throughout my most profound and divine transition.

There, I started Haus of Sages at the end 2010. Both Chris and I formally adding the S to the Sage, now plural, had the two of us thinking differently of who we were in our new crest; the embodiment of good fairing creative folk and cosmic thinkers starting to unfold.

We settled into a being known as The Sages, like some kind of ticket to a spiritual connection. Even though Chris explained his family ancestry Sage, was of english and welsh descent. And since he also has a bit of german,I thought it be savvy to change house to Haus, which does mean house and a few other meaningful definitions.

Over the years and especially in Los Angeles where spiritual acknowledgement is part of the conversation. I have witnessed the rise of the Sages…. Everyone seemed to be on a Sage name cosmic plane and here we were actually called Sage's. Go figure on the timing of all this and pretty confident saying there weren’t too many calling themselves Sages before the start of Instagram in 2010.

While it’s a funny part of our story, I wanted to share that because it’s important to how all it began, and to really understand our cosmic connection. The laws of the universe know exactly who you are and who you are meant to mingle with. Ten years later seeing how life has had a paradigm shift that our language as humans; words and meanings seem to chose to us, and to define so much of who we are.

I suppose knowing all this inspired me to redo this website now before the actually 10 year mark. An important process to re-evaluate as creative people. This site was once a wordpress; a journal for my thoughts along with some articles and some things I fancied that inspired us. I updated it six years ago and now here we are again, but it does feel different.

Over the years, our beings started change. with natural progression I began to see the bigger picture, a different personality, a more sobering one let’s just say. my writings started to evolve more philosophically adding my love of poetry to the mix.

A footnote to us Poets, something in common Chris and I both share having both won poetry awards when we were children. I know, cute, right? it’s pretty cool to connect our childhood memories with adulting.

Over the years my visual perspective started to align with my words, that lead to me to photographing nature and women. I was always a photographer. However, I didn’t think much on doing it for a living, but that too started to feel different. I started to lead our website and our instagram page as a place for people to feel inspired by positive words and images. Flowers, Nature, Women and Tea became the overall appearance.

Haus of Sages is storehouse of where Chris and I can share our ideas, and even though I fill up most of the content with my inspiration, and seemingly might look like my personal page. It is not. I've never thought of it that way, because Sagelove and Haus of Sages is us together. Sagelove is the moniker for Chris. He is my sage love and I am writing and posting as though it’s a love letter to him. If I’m posting up beautiful women in nature... What husband wouldn’t support that? It's the work I am drawn to now, as we women need each other more than ever.

The shifts of the feminine need positive voices, and Chris has been the inspiration to all my work as a divine masculine. The need for balance in all forms of relationship and creative work is a must. He knows exactly why I am posting. We talk ideas with his a technical mastery coming into play, and his perfectionism to verbal communication… is something I am continuously working on through my writings and lens. without him, I don’t think i’d be that inspired to become this creative force and post stories in the way that I do.

While he continues to work full time in Visual effects and (I) this super house-wife who paints the word freedom in art, photos, poetry and them some. I am thankfully for this title Sage indeed. I say I am many things, but really, I am that much more with my love who has indeed inspired all this, just because of his last name and more importantly, the kind of thoughtful human he is.

I have kept a few posting on our past events, trips like Wuyi that was our game charger in how we saw tea community and for time and relevance. my previous writings are now archived.. pretty sure not many were read, but I know that any and all work accounts for so much personal growth. Whether you see me, see us… We are here doing our thing, being one of those geeky underdog types, but the bridge to a connection.

That said, I wrote many beautiful articles on my findings, our inspirations, my education in Ayurveda, my research on Vedic astrology, not to mention numerous writings and service with Tea community are now archived.

For me the present has been the most important even though I love to reference the past and dream about the future. I love the present. I also love knowing that in this embodiment of us, we have come very far. We have put on 25 events in the past 9 years, I’m a certified Ayurveda counselor, we have traveled for 6 years for our relationship with tea, collaborated with many artisans on events and photography, and I published a poetry book. Chris along the way has won a few awards and accolades for his work in film and commercial, and we continue to work on our humanitarian skills and trying our best to find time for more of that kind of lifestyle in the future.

Our work is evolving in this love journey with textiles, art galleries and film making. So stay tuned.

The new template should kept things more relevant going forward in all that we are doing. I write this passage as a new beginning, a place to get to know who we are, how we exist as artist, and understanding we are ever evolving Sages.

Thank you for reading.

Love, The Sages

Maha Sage