Adventures with Tea People

Trusting your intuition is as important as knowing that we are all given handfuls of opportunities to explore our divine inventions... If we go with the understanding that  “All shall be revealed” can also be quipped with random serendipitous moments that make you go... What is happening... Is this really happening?? Then all the more better... don't you think?

I decided to hit the road for a quick rendezvous to the bay area to get recharged, get my writing juices flowing... all the while meet some new tea friends! and that I did.

My journey took me to four well loved tea houses all with it’s own style, intention and great teas.

For me, the find was really all about the Tea People, welcoming me and showing me that I was in the right place at the right time.  My dear sweet sidekick Tayla of continued to rev up the laughter and inspirations that only the universe could explain.  

If you happen to be in search of tea, or more or less tea people.... Here some love!


Tea Oasis Nothing feels more loved than this newly open underground hot spot, Tea Oasis. Curated by Travis, who decided that the cuddle puddle lounge vibe mixed with a do it yourself herbal and puerhs stations are where it’s at.  It's just the right mix of playful and sensuous vibe for all kinds of tea lovers.

Oasis has a membership only model, with a drop in fee for those who are looking to check it out which seems to work here.

And if you get to meet that rad shirtless dude, Travis...  it will feel like you’ve been friends for many years.



Situated in town square near the dock end of Berkeley, which from the look of it didn’t feel like our scene. But came to admire the sheer elegance and delightful Oolongs. Teance knows their tea. Besides that, the copper water trays are a pretty cool feature, and the service was outstanding.

One of the many serendipitous tea happenings that started off the day, was running into friends at the right time and the right place... a “no way”.... This isn’t happening moment . Gotta love tea for bringing in the energy!

Samovar Many who talk tea shops in San Francisco will ask... Have you been to Samovar?

It's quite popular with all four locations. And while usually I say, meh to popularity, I will confess that Samovar not only has a wonderful Velvety chocolate Puerh, but the TEA SOUPS are Deeelicious?!. A fondness on all levels because it brings about that culinary experience that is missing here in So Cal..  Yes the ideas are flowing in my head for sure.

Far Leaves Tea

There is so much goodness and heart in this tea house. It’s where new friends and ideas are born. Styled in a very coffee house like fashion, but for tea... Far Leaves offers a humble and comfortable vibe. The owner Peter has been tea loving for over twenty years, and has made his local Berkeley shop the kind of place that welcomes all. He was also kind enough to say, he will come in on his day off and serve me gong-fu! umm.. yes please!


I left my tea heart SF...

all my extended tea family here some love right back. Thank you Travis, Melody, Rich, Koa, Hiero, Peter and Adam... And of course big love to Tayla for the adventure!.


ps. Dom-- love you!... thanks for the quick visit+ view!