Alternative Solutions

We spent the first half of this month in a state of transition. Feeling very meditative as the calm new year was settling in, we reflected on our past time, coming clean with all that doesn’t serve us.   I just finished a 10 day cleanse with the help of my friends and Kerela Academy colleagues at Pacific Coast Ayurveda, which I will share my process of this deep ritual massage in the next couple days.

When I awoke this morning, all I wanted to do was cook a good hearty meal... But I also spent those ten days being very focused, conscientious and clean.

I turned off the social media channel and completely just tuned with my body, mind and spirit. Having this much time to yourself really makes you understand those wounds we inflict in ourselves on the choices we make in our daily lives, eating, not exercising.... 

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”  ― Rumi

I was reluctant to go right back to the usual habits of my food loving behavior, so I sat with this thought as I meditated this morning. All and all I am a pretty healthy person. We eat nutritious whole foods all of the time. we shop organic with little to no preservatives in our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean we are eating properly, eating the kinds of foods that are giving us the nutrients our body needs.

Take for instance dairy.... We love cheese, and I am big on butter... Cheese and butter is probably one of hardest to take off our meal planning because we just use it all the time, and we love the taste. plus, these days butter is gold. studies show butter fat is like brain food.  

So what’s the problem?  

Dairy products for many body types can create a mucus build up in our systems and over time begin to make the body feel sluggish. And even though all these good fats are components of good health, most people just consume way too much, and eventually all that we thought was "good" for us isn’t really working for us.

In thinking of this... How should we incorporate a kinder approach to butter and dairy?

On one of the days of this cleanse, we were allowed to eat Paneer. A soft cheese with curd like consistency.  It is an Indian staple, so while going through this cleansing process and learning how to make it. I understood “Paneer is an excellent source of Protein for everyone. Paneer is made from milk but the Protein part of it and not the fat part. The protein which you get from the milk is as good as the complete source of protein.”

This process is done in very easy way... by Boiling the milk, adding a tablespoon of any one of these.. Curd, Lemon or Vinegar. then draining it in a cheese cloth once it curdles.  Conveniently here my first alternative solution and a kinder approach to cheese lovers.  I also believe using Ghee will be extremely helpful.  I can’t say for certain cutting out butter and cheese for life is way to be. but being solely of the present mind, having just got off a cleanse, my relationship to many of our old ways of thinking has shifted. This year is about making smart choices... no trends, just solutions our bodies need.


(photo: paneer made with veggies with almond banana date bread)