Blooming Jasmine

As the calling of the Spring becomes alive, the Night Blooming Jasmine begins her blossoming.Jasmine is willfully intoxicating to those who walk by her can’t help but to engage in her powerful scent.  Her message in human form...  she is the essence of to those who need to run free and wild.

While the notion of Jasmine wafting through the air means Spring time is coming our way, it also means it to take a listen to those we admire, make room to birth new ideas, and allow this time to let it bloom...

Every flower chosen are by those who evoke similar energy. To study each essence is to know what lifts the heart. I have come to understand that each photo taken, is medicine to both masculine and feminine energies, and all with it's own powerful force.


Photo:  Shannon McDonald is a Venice local who  hikes in the pacific palisades woods with her dogs.