Butter to Ghee

All summer I’ve been wanting to write about the importance of Ghee, and then felt that October and Vata season would be a better, mainly because it is the perfect time to boost our essential fats, preparing ourselves for the coziness as the air cools down.

The truth is Butter is all the rage for a reason, and hailing as the fat burning superfood is Ghee.  A staple of Ayurvedic Medicine, Ghee is made by heating butter until the milk solids are separated then removed. a simple point to clarify that after this process it is no longer dairy, just fat. this type of fat is mostly saturated which is brain food, it also helps to rebuild muscle mass. 


As part of a oleation technique in trimming down, two spoonful of ghee in the morning helps lubricate the body and remove toxins.  one great tip... a healthy amount of dietary fat optimizes the sex hormones...  now everyone can use a bit of that!

(What is Oleation? It is a traditional Ayurvedic practice of cleansing by administering oils both internally and externally. This process called snehana prepares the body for a deeper cleansing program known as panchakarma.)



“You are the butter to my bread,and the breath to my life” ― Julia Child