Communal Dining

Whether we like it or not, the Venice community is changing. Recent attention on Venice’s innate “hipness” has caught the attention of a new wave of business owners looking to capitalize on Venice’s popularity. Pockets of neighborhoods are gaining attention based on what it offers. But there is something to be said about those who continue to leave all the nuances behind and stay true to what’s really enchanting about this community. DSC_6121


Hyejin & Itay are two locals who are doing just that with their low-key Communal dinner parties the Foodshop. Started out of their love of food, community and finding new friends, Foodshop features a very long table stretched across a woodshop, tucked away in the heart of the art district of Venice proper. Three years ago, these two former architectural school graduates found themselves, cooking together for their friends and colleagues. When word on the streets hit the ground running on their scrumptious menu, it grew outside their homes, and in a space you’d never imagine.



In spending time with them in the Foodshop kitchen as they prepared for Friday night’s meal, the aroma of fresh home-made foccacia bread and sounds of sizzling garlic filled the air adding a synchronicity to our conversation. There is an ease and kindness to how they all work together and the flow of how everything is prepared is just as important as how they chose to share it. Foodshop speaks to the community in a way that preserves the “back in the day” and yet still pleasing the It and now.


Here’s a bit of our conversation:

What goes into the process of creating the menu?

FS: Availability of local and seasonal ingredients, travel inspirations, and being experimental.


Who are the majority of people coming to Foodshop? Locals or word of mouth coming from all over?

FS: Because it's word of mouth, and started from our close group of friends (designers) there is a definite core of local creatives, but word gets our fast and people of all types, ages, and backgrounds come through our doors.


 Where do you see Foodshop in the future?

FS: We like our format and thankfully the community likes us back so we are looking for ways to accommodate more guests, it could mean another location or jump around to different locations on a regular basis, but we're being slow and cautious about it.


In order to go to Foodshop you have to get on their mailing list.


Story by Mikki Sage