East Helm

The other day I felt inspired to explore the arts district of Culver City to shoot some photos of art in the area. A couple of window displays caught my eye, so decided to pull over and pop my head in a few stores. I had yet explore all the new finds (or maybe not so new),  happening here, but from the look of the neighborhood and the vibe East Helm ( which I like to call it),  feels like a soon to be Go-to-destination. I had a good feeling about this little nook just beyond downtown Culver City. Grammery York, a sleek modern shop that sells just about everything from Men's and Women's fashion, to accessories and home goods. The owner Henry Ikemiya, was very kind and easy-going,  we chatted about Venice and the nature of the LA scene..., and when exactly the rise of Culver City would come about. The shop itself has a cool vibe and minimalistic approach. It has some pretty killer laid back NYC-esque street wear for men, also carries specially made, one-of-kind pottery, by retired sushi chef, Morihiro Onodera.



As any good shop neighbor, he even referred me to check out Bar and Garden ( up next) and a few other notable shops.   http://www.gramercyyork.com/


Bar & Garden: If only this kind of shop that carries bourbon upon bourbon (yes our favorite) were in Venice, we’d be doing some damage. This beautifully decorated bar supplier...  Is complete with a garden feel and wood frame work all perfectly arranged to showcase the handsome bottles of rums, tequilas, gins, bourbons, and organic wines.



Shop owners, Lauren Johnson and Marissa Mandel are committed to organic, non-GMO, and pesticide free wine and spirits and invite mostly small produce labels from domestic to the old world. They hold wine tasting every Tuesday... So check their website for their tasting schedule. http://www.barandgarden.com/


Some other notables... the Cool Haus was pretty packed when I got there, known for their truck which serves up maple and brown butter bacon ice cream, is still a hit even off wheels.  Cognoscenti Coffee felt like the meeting hub, with a variety of beans selections and delicious pastries.