Embrace the Feminine Heart

Hello all, The 3rd Spirit Weavers Gathering is upon us, and registration begins Jan 5th.


Looking back, I feel so blessed to have heard the calling. My tea sister Baelyn was going to be serving tea.  I had shared many bowls of tea with she and Mystic Mamma over the past year, that I knew I wanted to be surrounded by their beautiful energy.  (continued below)

Having gone to the first felt like the biggest heart opener. I have pretty vivid memories of being with my sisters, sharing deep conversation in the tea tent, that I will never forget.  Amy Woodruff known as Daughter of the Sun with her kindest heart, curated a very intimate and loving first weave.

The 2nd became a co-creation, and really what I think was the start of the significance of all these women coming together. The landscape of three hundred women felt intimidating at first, but became so sincere rather quickly.

It was pure education with an array of classes that were so profoundly rewarding. It gave you the sense of what we should have been learning as adolescents into women, but some of us didn't have those opportunities in learning such skills, which is also important for our survival... a way in which we can better ourselves. Beyond that it was a chance to embrace sisterhood.

Spirit Weavers gathering has hugged my soul like no other, and in the most uniquely transcendent way, a weekend of skill share, ceremony and community with your soul sisters can transform into a weekend affair into a lifetime connection.  It's pretty magical.

I am excited my dear sister Kirsty will be teaching,... I remember calling her up upon hearing of the first gathering and saying! you have to come to this gathering, and just like that... We made it happen!

photo from Spirit Weavers website.