Fire and Stone Exhibit

Happy New Year Everyone! We started off the New Year with a magnitude of amazingness, a new series of astrology events with seer + animal totem reader Jane Anne Thomas and Vedic astrologer Eve James, and while I will post later this month on the many activities and creative ideas we've been shepherding... I wanted to share an event we will be curating this coming

Saturday Jan 9th, at FAB studio. 2001. Main St. Santa Monica.

Fire and Stone Pottery Exhibit

with Peter Kuo

Discovering his passion early in life, Peter Kuo opened his first Pottery Studio, Da Quian and has won several prestigious awards for his work as a Contemporary Ceramist. His mastery of Fire and Stone manifests in forms that seem to materialize, like rough-hewn stones along a river’s edge, concealing a subtle, engineered perfection. Flowing from a true love of tea and the rich culture that has evolved over centuries, each piece is both an object of art and a masterfully functional teapot. Born in Yingee, the world-renowned Pottery City in Taiwan, Sculptor/Potter Peter Kuo is a tea lover first and it is evidenced in the way his pots feel like an extension of your hand as the tea liquor elegantly flows from the spout. The objects of art in our lives are so much more than beautiful things to own, when they are made by artists that truly love and are inspired by their chosen path, they are a daily reminder that every moment is a unique opportunity to steep ourselves in the beauty all around us.  Teaware, for Tea Lovers.