Flower Medicine, The past honors our present

Only a few days into the New Year and with a fondness of all things new, Hey 2015 " We are ready!! "... To recall, 2014 was all about patience and virtue...  letting the horse race continue on without us. We decided it was the year to be an observer, and not necessarily a participant. I was bursting with ideas, yet, there is something to be said about nurturing those ideas, instead of giving in.

In becoming a writer, I have learned that all good things take time. This was the notion leading into starting, Haus of Sages.  This space wasn't necessarily about me or him, but about us and what WE value as human beings, knowing this also part of the journey.


We expanded on the meaning of having support and allies... much of which came from nature.  My biggest quest was taking his "big league" camera, the SLR and start shooting in a more professional dialogue, leading to bigger conquest, and more so an understanding of the technical frame.

While I have always taken interest in photography, I never really thought of taking it to the next level for greater good of my writings and overall storytelling, but somehow last year photography and writing seemed like a natural pairing.

Eventually the camera had become my friend. It would carry me in the hardest of days, and brighten my soul to the fullest. I've learned to be respectful of shooting someone, or something... making mistakes all long the way but continuing to learn both, technically and emotionally. 

I was honored to collaborate with my friends from an artist perspective, rather than just shooting to shoot.  still, there are many photos taken without asking, out of pure randomness, pure pleasure, and pure inspiration... but I am okay with that too, because at a certain point, you just have to go with what unfolded naturally.

I suppose my greatest ally was the "Medicine of Flowers"....  shooting with my sisters and a few brothers, who jumped on board to help support my work. I feel extremely blessed for those who allowed my creative light to shine.

Those photos became the highlight of my creative story telling, incorporating and envisioning my fascination into planet medicine, natural healing... specifically Ayurveda. and our overall love for Tea practice and Ceremony.

In some way I felt as though I went to a school to revisit the heart of humanism through photography... and my greatest teacher was mother nature and her flower medicines.

As I sat on day two of the new year, meditating over the ideas in store. EXPANSION came to mind, and once again nature here to be our allies.

My intuition says, wait no more, It's time to activate. We are ready to build this house into a journey of story telling, healing and meditation. and so it is. Aho!  Happy 2015

 Flower Medicine

She shows me her spirit to be worn of how I imagined it. Endless streams of imagery race my thoughts, unfolding before my eyes. As I take each flower and placed it in her hair, delicately... Her beauty has swayed me into a smile, illuminating my thoughts, seeing her petals expand, embracing us with her wildness, she is and flower have become one. -Sagelove

All flower photos taken in 2014 by Maharlika Sage