This year has flown by and already we are in April. Our plans for this website were sidelined with impromptu events, travels, tea parties,fundraisers... by no means complaining, we fully embrace this abundant and full of life year, but forgive us for not being able to devout time to this site as we planned. that said.

There is so much more we want to share but we'll start here. We are in the midst of creating a tea space with our tea family and fellow tea lovers so we've been on a mission.. there have been parties, fundraisers, gatherings of all sorts, and even some wonderful moments spent with our tea teacher/master WU DE of Global Tea Hut, visiting Los Angeles from Taiwan.

Amidst all the happenings, our tea sister Koa just so happen to capture these beautiful images of our recent tea events. We felt now is the time to reveal this site, even if it's not quite finished, her photos inspired us to show all the beauty that has surrounded us these past few months let alone the past two years. Thank you dearest sister for sharing your love of photography and your amazing talent.

**please click on image to view in full.

For more on Koa's photographs: