The latest info as of 8/17/2015 Heart Space event at Wright Malibu 24680 Piuma Rd, Malibu:

So here we are!  If you’ve tuned into this event, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We wanted to have a very simplistic educational event in a beautiful environment. A place where we can connect with others and our hearts. Presales tickets ENDS at 9am on Saturday 18th, When we open it will automatically be cash at the door @ $40 entrance fee, And $8 parking, in addition to classes. Please pay teachers directly in cash on the day.

NO ENTRY after 4pm, ticket sales will close at 3:30pm, as soon as the 2nd round of workshops begin. If you have missed the presale and still want to pay by atm/credit,  you can pay-pal us at Hausofsages@gmail.com, Please show us the confirmation on your phone. and remember there is no WIFI on the property.

Doors will open at Noon. Please arrive 15mins before your chosen class, so you will not miss out on all the goodness. There will be a map at the Information/Check in desk.

Please join us for Opening Ceremony at the Prayer wheel @ 12:30 for a blessing on WATER. First class starts at 1:00pm.

What to bring *** lunch— Please pack your bottled water, lunch and snacks to nourish yourself, we may have additional Vegetable Kitchery provided.

** Bring meditation pillow, blankets... There is no formal seating, workshops will be on grassy area, grounds, etc.  Wear Comfortable shoes, it is in a park like environment. Bring layers of clothing for different weather patterns, including hat, sunblock, lipbalm. Please bring notepad, pens/pencils, etc.

Please remember ** NO DOGS ALLOWED including service dog, per land owners request ( apologies in advance)

Directions as followed:

Directions  to the Wright’s land – 24680 Piuma Rd, Malibu: From Sunset Blvd. and Pacific Coast Highway, it should take 20-30  minutes. From 101 and Las Virgines, it should take about 20 minutes.  Please allow plenty of time for the trip, it’s a steep and  winding road up the hill.

Beach Route Take the Pacific Coast Highway to Las Flores Cyn. Rd. in Malibu.  (across from Dukes Restaurant). Las Flores Cyn. Rd. is 4.8 miles  from Sunset Blvd. and 9 miles north of the 10 Freeway. Take Las Flores to its termination and then turn right onto Rambla  Pacifico (after a short while, Rambla Pacifico becomes Piuma Rd).  Follow for 2 miles, the last mile is down hill. Turn left onto dirt driveway – 24680 Piuma Rd. You will see  a pine tree and a wooden sign that says "Wright." Please  be certain that you have the correct address before entering the  property.  Please drive slowly 5MPH!!!!!

We look forward to spending the day with you.

More information on workshops below!! SIGN UP!!


PRE-SALE $35 / $40 door 

Lead with the Heart.

 April 18. 2015

NOON to Sunset




Please join us on our first journey, themed Vibrations.

A fresh alternative to the festival experience, this day long event evokes a peaceful, loving space for those to gather in an intimate setting surrounded by nature... The rocks will ground us, the trees will nurture us, and the rhythm of the ocean will guide us into a blissful state.

Our intention is to explore and discover ways to care for nature and ourselves. Workshops with seasoned practitioners and conscious enthusiasts will guide you in the experience you choose.

We will honor our connection to community and each other with shared meditation and tea ceremony. Deep, entrancing rhythms will heighten and synergize our energies.

 We open at NOON.

Please Join us for our Opening Blessing located at Prayer Wheel @ 12:30pm

Baelyn Elspeth will lead a Five Elements Blessing w/ Drums.

A prayer for water.

photo 2photo by Nat Kelley


 Class schedule: 1pm-3pm & 3:30- 5:30pm  ( class prices will vary).

* All classes will run 1:15mins long with allotted time for settling in, class discussions, and questions after.  If you would like to take two courses, please do, but remember each class will need to be paid separately per class.

Choose your Experience.

Each workshop is an opportunity to learn and grow. Our practitioners will lead an introductory style course by showing us ways to better our human experience and spirit.


Join Scott and Nitsa of Sun Potion for a workshop celebrating the art of Alchemy and Tonic Herbalism. We will share simple and powerful ways to incorporate these high vibration foods into daily life, with an emphasis on recipes, which open the heart and nourish the whole system. Attendees will be sent home with product to play with.




w/ Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner Renee Davenport

PRANA is our life force. Join Renee to find out more about the 5 Pranas and how they express the natural innate intelligence of our bodies. You will learn how these currents of energy pulsing through our subtle bodies effect our physical existence and simple lifestyle hacks that raise their vibration to promote our own Wellness by aligning with source. End result; living a joyful happy life! Cost $20 BUY TICKETS



 VIBRATION HEALING WITH MASTER SIO (1pm-3pm) Feel the powerful healing vibrations and understand why Master Sio enjoys a devoted worldwide following. Practice amazing Medical Qi Gong and feel your chi rise, slide easily into deep meditation, and receive deep healing. Master Sio is Founder of The Results Healing Mastery, Authentic Kahuna Healer, Master of Medical Qi Gong. 


($40 Cash day of)


THE WAY OF TEA  (1pm-3pm)

Baelyn Elspeth (Tien Wu), shares her her knowledge and passion for "The Way of Tea" through the practice of Cha Dao.

"As we journey further into the practice, past the sounds, smells, and tastes, we have the opportunity to tune in and feel the subtle vibrations that harmonize the ceremony."

In this workshop, we will drink some tea to open the heart, allowing us to root in the present moment and experience a deeper awareness of mind, body, and spirit. 



The Path to Play by Bristol Baughn (3:30pm-5:30pm) How can I make my work play? How can I experience greater freedom in my life and work? Bristol Baughan, Oscar-nominated filmmaker, author and coach, has spent the last six years studying consciousness and transitioning from a life fueled by the hunt for success and external validation to one of authentic and playful service. Participants will be invited to share their experience, get vulnerable, and discover any barriers standing between them and a life of play. Through one-on-one coaching within the group each participant will get a chance to observe how these barriers show up in their body and mind and tools for how they can allow, accept, and release them.




 3:00—Scheduled break

(lunch, bathrooms, space)

 3:30pm we will resume new classes.

Seed Circle with Gianprem  (3:30 PM-5:30 PM) Come experience the beauty and art of saving seeds! When we replenish and nourish our connection to the spirit of the seed we grow our world in beautiful ways. Weaving together both practical and visionary teachings from the heart of the plant, participants will learn simple ways to connect and vibrate the wisdom of the seed. In this class we will learn about growing for seed, processing and how to save seed and connect to community resources like our seed library and garden. We will make our own seed bundles to carry these teachings home.


 Sonic Being w/ Michelle Berc (3:30pm-5:30pm) Guided by sound healing enthusiast Michelle Berc, this workshop will educate you on the power of sound along with effective sound healing methods that will help you understand your energetic centers, clear vibrational blocks, and connect with your true instinctual wisdom. In the second half of the workshop, Michelle invites you to relax and fall deep into your own sonic universe with the Sonic Being Signature Sound Bath. The crystal singing bowl sound meditation will balance your chakra energetic centers and clear your mind. The result is a blissful state of consciousness that cultivates your inner harmony.





Working with the Healing Energy of the Sun (3:30 -5:30PM)

presented by Karen Seva

The Sun is a powerful life giving force in our world. In fact, all of matter, including plants, rocks, even human beings are comprised of crystalized light. We are, literally, light made manifest. Our bodies, our cells, our bones are made of sunlight. Therefore, how can we maximize our relationship to the Sun, to the primordial Source of Light in order to achieve our maximum health, growth and spiritual evolution? How can we use our relationship with the Sun to transform our relationship with the Earth and fully embody our Divine Purpose?

Join us for an experiential investigation into the Energy of the Sun!

Gain a deeper understanding of its role in our day to day lives! Gain tools to deepen your relationship with the Light! Receive an energetic transmission of Sunlight as a tool for healing and raising consciousness!



How can we maximize our relationship? 

meditationTogetherness & Closing Chant  (6pm at the Stage) 

After our workshops we wish for all to gather round connect our hearts, vibrate and generate our energies in a GROUP CHANT+ MEDITATION, Completing our beautiful day.  Shanti

 Closing Chant Meditation will be lead by KAREN SEVA.

Music and Heart connection 6:30pm-7:30pm.

Gates close 8pm promptly.

"Where the Oceans meet the sky"

Wright Malibu Location

The Wright is set on 24 acres of Sacred Land, which offers the ultimate Santa Monica Mountains atmosphere - specializing in chaparral, mature oaks, magnificent sandstone rock formations, unsurpassed views of the Malibu mountains and coastline. a picturesque pond and an earth tone concrete house-in-progress designed by Eric Lloyd Wright.  

This event is located on private land, Please be respectful and mindful of others.

*While we love our animals, the owners have requested a NO Dog/ animal Policy.  * sorry no service dogs

“We request a day free from intoxicants so that you have the up most clear channel in receiving your education, support and love”.


Things to Know. (Please read carefully).

We will be spending the day in a park like setting, at a high peak in the Malibu Mountains... There isn’t much for a few miles, and there are absolutely NO-ins and out, or refunds once you have entered the gates or left the premises.

This is an Outdoor Event. Please pack your bottles of water, snacks, sunblock, hat, your meditation pillows, picnic blankets, and comfy shoes for a daylong event. Classes will be held under designated trees and grassy areas. There is no proper seating or structures.

Please bring an extra jacket, as it does get windy, and chilly closer to the evening. We kindly ask that you take care of yourself.

There is NO WIFI on the property, This may be tough for checking you in. to ensure easy Door access, Teachers payments, food, vending, and parking.  Kindly Bring Cash, Thank you.

Carpool— We highly encourage carpooling to this event. Parking will be an additional $8, CASH ONLY at check in desk. Please do not block the driveway entrance, or block a neighbors drive on Piuma Rd. We will not be responsible if your car is towed.

Babies are welcome. Please be mindful if you are sitting in on class with your child, you are responsible for the care and well being of your child.

21yrs+ to attend event.  All Children under 18 years old. MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Illegal substances are not allowed on the location at any time.

Host and Land Owners are not responsible for accidents, lost, stolen or damages within the grounds. Play Safe and DO NOT wander outside park perimeters.

RAIN CANCELLATION: Should it RAIN? We will give ample notice on cancellation and therefore monies excluding transaction fees will be refunded.

We hope you enjoy this amazing time of learning, exploring, connecting and gathering in our Heart Space.

Who We Are:

We are you, we are the planet, together we are one Big Heart.

Curated by Haus of Sages

Heart Space Day is first in a series, each with a unique theme.

 Stay tuned for more Adventures!