Her flight

Heir Moth,  creature of the night, drawn to the moon while she prepares for her flight.


Instinctively she sets her direction, to find her one true light... Perhaps it's the Moonlight.


She hides behind the leaves, crafting an illusion, protecting herself from strange beings that provoke her through the night.

“Oh moon you are ever so bright, I am attracted to your celestial beaming of light”.


As the dawn breaks, a sliver of light peaks beyond the trees.  once again disguising herself amongst the trees, she is no more, as she awaits for her next full moon flight.


Model:  Artist Simone Drucker http://www.simonedrucker.com/


in honor July's Full Moon...

If the Moth presents herself, Trust in your journey and have faith that although things seem to be complicated right now – you will eventually see the light. Use your heart to guide you.

Nature is medicine photo + writing series continues until December by Mikki Sage