Hummingbird Sage

I feel the air in which the flowers are starting

to ripen and bloom.....  Spring is almost here!

I’ve been drawn to flowers since I was a child. a continuous desire, thought, and passion to learn more about these species as the years move on. this path I walk in the present is so very special. even studying Ayurveda, becoming a counselor has filled my emotions so greatly on her healing essence and not just her beauty.  I draw in closer, flowers seem to be highlighting my work, knowing the thought of her essence has taken stage.


If you are familiar with this blog you know that most everything here is inspired by Flowers and Plant Medicine... So much so that the desire has been not only to write about it, but photograph it.  My sagelove Chris has an ally with Jasmine... I love this about him. Men who have an attraction to flowers are intensely creative very passionate human beings. and if truth be told, flowers are not really gender specific.

If you were a flower what would you be? 

While I have a divine love for Dahlias, Peonies and Tuberose...  I found my deepest flower inspiration last year when a Hummingbird approached me... My Vedic astrologer Eve James was with me at the time, and we were laughing on how it approach me, fluttering so close to my nose and teasing me.

Of course, I immediately thought it was an animal medicine totem showing me a message.  I sat with that thought for over a month, as the Hummingbird was with me every day around the same hour.

When it came time for me to look up some definitions of flowers for healing tinctures I was conjuring up, I found myself googling Hummingbird and the words Hummingbird Sage came up.  I am not exactly sure how or why, but being that I am a Sage, my attentiveness towards any words drawn with Sage alerts me unknowingly and intuitively.  I have since then come across a few growing Hummingbird Sage, and last week a patch of White Sage and Hummingbird were sprouting on the side of the mountain on my hike, telling me it was almost time to bloom.


“ Her sweet essence is about heart wisdom and ability to move in any direction quickly. a fruity scented sage, that blooms in March to May with typically dark rose-lilac colored flowers.  It promotes adaptability and capacity to learn/integrate new things at a rapid rate. Also reminds us to embrace and enjoy an exquisite and magical experience in everyday things: taste the nectar of life in every moment”.


Photos: stock images