Ice Cream Cleanse, Say what?

When you live in a small community like Venice, you are bound to hear the newest coolest thing, and when you are practicing your Kriyās next to that spot everyone is talking about, it certainly makes you even more curious.


The talk is the first ever ICE CREAM CLEANSE….  Say What? Yep. You heard me.

Hello Kippy's Ice Cream!

While this isn’t breaking news on the block, I am still fascinated by the phenomenon, and because Kippy's Ice Cream is actually so dam good, combined with Kundalini Yoga only makes it more awesome!

Shannon and I went to Kippy’s for some ice cream. She had already gone three days in a row, so she was the perfect person to capture. Shannon also practices yoga at Rama Institute and truly loves Kippy’s.

They say, Kippy’s Raw Ice Cream Cleanse, after some deep Kriyās can certainly be a divine union. a state of awakened energy and subtly purifying the system.

Just after we sat down to enjoy this delicious ice cream, a slew of people stopped in as well. at one point there was a line out the door... on a Tuesday night, this certainly was the place to be!.

Kippy notes “when you cleanse from eating Kippy's Ice Cream, you are feeding your body not only the raw saturated fat from the coconuts, but living nutrients from the Fruit and Superfoods present in the ice cream.  The raw honey used to sweeten Kippy's Ice Cream contains amino acids and living enzymes, which aids digestion and reduces inflammation.  Fat solubility will help your body absorb the nutrients present in the Ice Cream”. 



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