How did you spend your Independence Day? We Sages gathered in the company of our neighborhood pals, enjoying a very impromptu BBQ...

.. with music, sparklers, fireworks and dancing leading us into the midnight hour.

We started our day with tea and conversation.  I asked Chris if he knew what is THE true American dish?!. We learned hamburgers and hot dogs originated from Germany, and that apple pie is noted to have come from Europe.  I did find it strange that what I thought was American, didn't even originate from America, yet we have called it our own.

Surprisingly, yet not so surprising, Potato Salad is the most America dish.  Back in the native American days, they cropped potatoes, corn, and raised Turkey.

Since Friday was a holiday, we did not post our Yoga Restorative pose for the week, so we will reconvene on this Monday, stayed tuned.