Kiss the Ground (Part 2)

“Rewards come when see the tree you planted bear fruit”.

This past weekend we got to experience and taste just how vibrant this Venice community can be.   Kiss the Ground in collaboration with the Permaculture Action Tour gathered again this past weekend and we got our hands good and dirty.  We dug holes, created irrigation lines, and planted trees. We were very blessed to have learned so much in such a short time, that by end of the day, our hard work and blisters were met with and overwhelming sense of happiness.


Farmer Jack, a bio-dynamic teacher and farmer was there to oversee and share his insight by creating a Horn Manure, that must be stirred by hand for an hour to create its wealth of energy and nutrients for the roots in years to come.

How educate ourselves is the first step in recalibrating the system that is long overdue for change. To know more please Check out The Soil Story,

We will be holding a Permaculture Action Day on Oct 4th,  So we are calling out to our Venice Community first, and our surrounding cities to come be a part of this amazing and fruitful time.

As part of this growing project. we will be documenting the evolution of growth within the next year. Tune in to see the change occur!

*all photos here we taken by iphone*