Land of love

"Ladybug showing up in ones life foretells a time of luck and protection,

where wishes start to become actualized".


It was all taking shape, I could feel my heart deepen, the wind swirling as I unloaded my gear, blowing fiercely while I pitched my tent. The grey clouds hovering as I started to wrap the lights around our tea space.  Every emotion was coursing through my veins, trying to find it's place... then, in a moments notice I could feel myself going inward.  It was time to rest, it was time to ground.

From that point on, it was important for me to stay off-grid... In truly seeking the life that once was, and embrace the delicate dance of this surreal yet mystical place, the land of love I would call my home for the next four days.

As  arrival day began, the dark clouds moved in, the wind was settling when I awoke. I started to walk around the property I had not yet seen, capturing the beauty of late spring flowers still smiling up at the sky. I perched up on a rock, and with a wide eye view, felt expansive then let out a long exhale. I am not sure why I could feel the sadness of the land, a bit hard to explain, but as I moved about shooting my photos, I caught images of other women meditating, expanding and seeking to ground quietly.


By the afternoon, the clouds grew darker, the women started to arrive. While in conversation with Amanda it started to sprinkle. We decided to head for my tent as we could hear the rumble of thunder starting to roar, and the sprinkles become large tear drops and more frequent. The air started getting cooler. and within moments of being in my tent, the thunder roared louder in deep waves.  The lightning was beckoning beyond the boulders and then it started to hail. Strangely enough my mood started to lighten, I started to feel my smile coming back, a bit of a giggle for it was the insanity of this dramatic weather in all forms that made it so engaging and ever so beautiful. Like all our emotions it went from dark and heavy, to light and clear.  From this point on the weather cleared and remain perfect for the rest of the weekend. I am pretty certain the channeling of a tumultuous forecast was some sort of first initiation from the warrior ancestors of these lands.  To start this journey off right, we must indeed be one with the land and the heavens above us.


It was so hard to chose, I wanted to do everything, I wanted to feel every motivational word spoken. I could hear Annette's powerful voice chant clear across the land. I wanted to be sitting beside Sweet Medicine as she stared into our souls giving us that fierce knowledge of mamma earth.

I feel so blessed for this gift we were receiving.  I am not a crafty girl yet to weave and sing song warms my soul, and makes me want to remember to do it all over again. Tears streaming down my face during Cacao ceremony as Paola sings her sweet lullabies... our souls bursting for this beautiful human experience. Tea was my guide into the sun light, every bowl sipped became an understanding of just "being".

What continues to sit with me days after the gathering is the Ceremonial Fire teaching.  I was a kid again.. in camp... making fire. I am one with the Sun, I stand beside the Moon and ask for guidance amongst the stars for this is my journey. In ceremonial fire we gathered twigs and pieces of wood from the land. then laid them in the four directions, piling then up in a shape of a tee pee, leaving a small window open to catch the flame. I was chosen to lay my branch to the EAST, which represents the Eagle, birth, spring, vibrations, clarity, expansion.

Miriam our guide... with her encouraging sensibility, helped us with our bows. In a continuous, steady, long stroke motion the friction ignites heat. It was a bit of a rush as we cheered on the smoke as started it's way into a fire.

In the evenings, song circle and listening to our song bird Mila's voice soothed me and felt as though I was wrapped up in a cozy blanket getting tucked in, it was a powerful completion the day. The weekend filled us with so many hugs, smiles, laughter, tears, and songs of happiness and continued to expand and enlighten us all weekend.


When it came time for my Sage love to pick me up.... I was ready to celebrate our fifth engagement anniversary in the trees of Idyllwild, and decompress from this magnificent and truly special gathering.
What started this journey with a ladybug ended in Snake sighting.  The medicine was clear.  A I watched the snake slowly slither by... I remembered the sister who created fire with me. She was collecting a piece of Wood for the South element, and had mentioned seeing a snake... I told her the snake meant renewal. Then, as I was reminiscing with my love about my experience on the way to Idyllwild.  He too mentioned seeing a snake on the road to pick me up. No doubt it is snake season.... but the rarity three sightings, at different times in different areas, is certainly one for the cosmos.
"If a snake totem has come into your life, your creative forces are awakening.
Your intuition will sharpen and be more accurate".

Slowly but surely the insight is unfolding... taking my time this week, feeling my heart blasted open from this meaningful and expansive gathering. Thank you Amy dear mamma Spirit Weaver and all the angels that came forth to bless Garth's beautiful land. Tears of joy to those who left your doors open for me to drop in, learn about you, par-take in the offerings you share, and the medicine of love you gave. Deep love and gratitude for the practice of tea, and wisdom that our elder Sweetie shares.

story and photos by mikki sage