Malibu Stomping

If you've lived in this city long enough, Many of you will hear an Angeleno native call out the word "old school" like it will forever be in style... having a constant need to reminisce about the haunts, the digs, the stomping grounds that we hold dear in our hearts. On the same note, I’ve had the privileged of knowing my soul sister Stacy since high school.  She will probably be included in many of my writings because she, like my husband, is part of my soul. a muse who continues to inspire and support me like no other, So if you must know, recounting memories of our past hang outs are constant.

We took every nook and cranny of LA and practically turned it upside down, like those little snow globes... Discovering, exploring until it was ingrained in our memories so deep that it has brought us tears and laughter all at once.

Malibu for one, was always a place we’d head to after high school, catching the last few hours of sunning, or chilling at our go to spots like Zuma or Surfrider.

It was especially her haunt. she had spoken many times of someday living there... So on her birthday we met in the BU, a half point between Venice and Ojai to do what we do best, explore, hang out, and reminisce.  first grabbing a smoothie at Sunlife (near Zuma), then to Solstice Canyon for hike, and ending it just right with a bite at the farm fresh standout, Malibu Farms.

Sun Life Organics

Kind, Courteous and Organic oozes the nature at Sunlife. Filled with great design, crystals and super sweet employees who rock the smoothie counter..  If you are near Point Dume, Zuma Beach... go grab your smoothie here!

Malibu Farms

I am so happy that Malibu Farms took over the Pier...  It was a bit of a ghost town back then, now brought to life, and rich with local fares.  I connected with Helene the owner, during my Chocolate Invitational series.  she originally started having private dinner parties at her Farm, but was forced to close due to permitting, but all the better now. Malibu Farms has reshaped the pier giving us a view of Surf-rider that is just as magnificent as their food.



Happy birthday to my dearest friend, Stacy!!!  LOVE you always.