Moonlight Swim

It was close to midnight by the time we drove home, the brightest Full moon paving our way, as our faces glistened with happiness. It was a great day of frolicking in swimming holes in Ojai, drinking Enlightenment Tea we had taken with us in a thermos.  If you must know, this wasn't the way to have this remarkable tea fit for a ceremony, but somehow we managed to serendipitously be drinking it under mystical trees of the Chumash lands. The woodsy aroma touched with a bit baked honey, wafted through the air, as we slowly sipped this perfect moment.  Barefoot babies w/ their mammas swimming naked roamed freely... a guy named Chris playing didgeridoo, and a hat maker named John shared his stories about the swimming holes,  It couldn't have been a more perfect summer day for an adventure.


Returning back to the swimming holes we found a few years back,  I was saddened to see some graffiti on some of the more public areas,  but we had shelter ourselves in a more secluded area in a more local spots. these are the ones you hold dear, and only to share with friends with whom will treat it respectfully.As I drove home, Shannon shared some messages about a tea house in a popular park in LA, by morning several people had sent me the same post of this tea house, by mid afternoon it seemed viral.  I pondered the acting of discovering these beautiful treasured places. When first mentioned, I was excited to photograph this special construct built by some anonymous artist...  then later as the day progressed and with more attention, I suddenly lost interest.  I continued to ponder about the meaning of popularity, versus those moments of discovering something special that may or may have not been known, but that timing had made it special.

 " In  the wake of bright light of the moon I roam freely. 

my thoughts, my body, my actions seek water, wanting to be close, bathing in the moonlight... my clothes worn,  I step in... 

I can still feel the freshness, feeling naked inside".