Old Souls Reinvented

When I meet someone for the first time, I always have that preconceive sense that we are meeting again, especially if they look into my eyes, and it sparks an intuitive feeling. I've always had the thought that souls can meet again, divinely... and if we were to meet again it was to seek, complete or challenge the life that once was. Do you believe in past lives?

I can certainly refer this as a philosophy I think about many times over, because when I meet someone... and we bond so quickly, I feel like it was meant for a reason.

I have been taught there are many people in our lives here to test you, ground you and spinning you around. Those who may challenge your ability to see clearly, perhaps surrendering to that karmic rotation by either doing something about it or walking away.

When I met Kyra Anastasia, I was dropping in on her yoga class at Exhale, we quickly connected, and within a week she was asking me to joining her for dinner. Kyra is probably the most open-minded, conscious, worldly being I know today... She invited me into her world, and I gladly accepted. Kyra and I definitely met in our past life, and we probably spent many a days together. We don’t see each other often, as she is always off traveling the world, but no matter what, when we do connect we pick up just as we left off.

After class Kyra asked if I wanted to grab a bite are Vardo, where I met a lovely server Madison.... who with her young and carefree way, took to her smile, her wit. the desire in her voice, and her kindness that was just as powerful as her sense of being. You don’t meet young ladies like Madison these days...  In the many conversations I had with her, I understood Madison to be a gifted old soul, one who was deeply aware of her actions.

I reconnected with my sisters the other day for lunch.  It’s been nearly four since we met, we’ve all had our own life moments, weaving in and out of each others lives, but still maintaining our connection... checking in ever so often like old friends do.

Ironically,  along the way the three of us had a desire to take up schooling in the healing world, and within the same time frame, with our own actions, decided to take courses in Ayurveda.

Madison Madden who is now studying to be a practitioner, Kyra who just returned for studying at Kripalu in the east coast. And I had just finished my counseling course at Kerala Academy. We have all been blessed to take this journey... acknowledging and supporting each other along the way.

As we sat together holding our hands in prayer before diving into the soup that Madison had just prepared, I remember that day we all met.  Feeling so thankful, I smiled inside... knowing we all met for this reason, like old souls reinvented.

I share with great excitement the love of Ayurveda,  and these beautiful sisters. We are here to share our knowledge, passions and journey of this alternative medicine.

Kyra is now back in Venice. she is offering a donation based Ayurveda consultations, in lieu of her new business plan. She is resuming her yoga practice and teaching classes at Exhale 5:30pm Mon+ Wed. Thursday Sunset Yoga 6:30 on the beach off of Marine Street, Lifeguard station #29, and Fridays at Naam w/ live sitar at 6pm. http://www.inspiredyoga.com/

Madison:  has started an In-office Massage Therapy for businesses in Santa Monica and Venice. Her intention of introducing people to Ayurveda and wellness through Massage and conversation.  She also shares her Kundalini yoga and meditation at a local studio in Venice, and working on a few events.  Saturday, July 26th and Sunday July 27th, she is opening the studio for Shirodhara treatments. Shirodhara has been used to treat a variety of conditions including eye diseases, sinusitis, greying of hair, neurological disorders, memory loss, tinnitus  vertigo and certain types of skin diseases like psoriasis, It is also used non-medicinally at spas  for its relaxing properties. Madison Madden, Pacific Coast Ayurveda , 424.216.1909  http://www.aharawellness.com/

As for me... While there will definitely be a time, and space I hold to share these teachings I have so richly received.  This  present moment is for me to help support, facilitate and document our journey as an Ayurveda counselor. Please support and tune in each month while I share and document our Ayurveda Kitchen Stories.

I will be incorporating this life long practice as time goes on... mostly in the spirit and philosophy of relationships with ourselves and mother earth.

The dream to some day open a healing center as part of my journey with my beloved.   xx Mikki Sage