Our fifth

"I love you, not only for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you."

I spent the last few days in silence, my voice had disappeared after fighting a cold. I suppose I didn’t want to be sick for our 5th year anniversary, and so I held on as long as I could.

 In lieu of this, I wanted to share a bit about our anniversary, since it was the first year that we didn’t express our undying love on our FB walls, we just simply and naturally by-passed it. this goes without saying I would still find a way to express our anniversary... by of way of stories, photographs, something.   ....  So here it is...

Our marriage in a nutshell is pretty awesome, while we deeply honor our love, I write with caution. not every marriage will find themselves feeling this way after five years, a few will even be quick to say it has been trying, so I will not boast or brag about our fortitude. though kindly share...  it’s a rarity to find a relationship that works on every level, but the truth is... ours does, and so I am grateful for this blessing.

In all the years, we never bought traditional wedding gifts. but five felt significant, and year five was WOOD. It was perfect since we had planned to go back to Idyllwild... one of our favorite tree top hideaway.

While there we hiked alongside the Manzanitas and Pines, stopping off the trails to gaze at the beauty reflected by the sunlight, then occasionally playing with the wood slingshot I picked up from the General Store in Venice to represent our Fifth. We stayed in a little log cabin at the Strawberry Pine, and hung out with our local friends Eve and Dean.  They made us dinner, as a ‘breaking bread’ to their new home, and we served them tea that kept us up and laughing into the wee hours of the moonlight.

The following day we hung about town, visiting the newly open shop called, Sage and the Butterfly that our tea sister Mia told us about. The lovely Violeta Villacorta, designs, curates and creates One-of-a-kind wearable garments and accessories handcrafted with sustainable materials to be worn and collected.

We also discovered that Merkaba  sells tea and will prepare a Gongfu session and will even come to your house and serve you....  It was the first time we noticed that there were tea people in this town, so it was wonderful to find those who honor the leaf like us!  

Tea People find them if you are in Idyllwild.

We also came to find that Eve and Dean had moved across the street from a Permaculture garden and Community center, Present and Positive. and from the looks of it, they seem to be doing some very cool things to help the Idyllwild community!


It was one of those sweet weekends filled with synchronicity, that continue to revealed itself as the weekend let on. by the end there was an obvious meaning to how this 5th year would be, just like wood, solid.

Did you know Manzanita Tree leaves make great toothbrushes? 

The Native Americans use to make cider out of berries that is also said to cure poison oak?



http://eveofastrology.com/   Eve and Dean Mendoza+ Tara