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Starting the New year off right means a decision to be much more discipline and focused in the way we eat.  While we continuously seek out whole food choices, sometimes our environment can give way to our imbalances. making it much harder to maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle.  Thankfully, I have been studying an Ayurveda practice that has given me so much insight these past few years that there are no excuses to living well.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of natural and holistic medicine. When translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “the science of life”

(the Sanskrit root ayur means “longevity” or “life” and veda means “science”).

 According to Ayurveda, each person is influenced by certain elements more than others. This is because of their prakriti, or natural constitution. Ayurveda categorizes the different constitutions into three different doshas: Vata (air+space), Pitta (fire), Kapha (earth).

Lately, I’ve personally had an influx of hormonal imbalances that motivated me to look further into my practice. We as humans all need to check in with how our bodies are feeling and reacting in this day and age, and not just wait until we are sick or something should happen. That is the first and simple step to a healthier lifestyle... Just tune in.

The message was clear, I decided to turn to my friends at Pacific Coast Ayurveda in Calabasas to help me dig deeper. Practitioners  Madison Madden and Victor Briere opened PCA's doors a few months back as a way to share their passion and knowledge with a modern approach, while helping you relate to this thousand or so year old tradition.

Madison and Victor are the new generation of healers, here to help us understand this more or less complicated, yet prolific holistic science in the best way possible. Really, the most intimidating part is just hearing the Sanskrit verbiage... words like “ Dosha” and “ Prakriti “ make us want to scratch our heads? But honestly, once you dive in and trust the process it all starts to make sense. We are one with the elements of nature and that's a beautiful thing, especially in the healing sense.

When I sat down to talk about my lifestyle choices, and how it continues to change so rapidly as I’ve gotten older, not to mention the fast pace that has become our normal appetite. We decided to focus on a 10 day cleanse, called Udvartana.

By eating specifically vegetarian with 3 light meals a day, along with 7 days of a type of rigorous massage performed together by both Madison and Victor in continuous and synchronized motions. The purpose of Udvartana is to penetrate the lymphatic lobes using a specially blended herbal paste made with various organic grains, flowers, herbs and oils.

This highly effective treatment, would release stagnant toxins in our bodies, which is particularly good for weight loss, cellulite and stimulating sluggish circulation and digestion.

The first few days took a lot out of me emotionally and physically, so I definitely felt the need to be restful during this process from beginning to end.  I stayed off social media during those ten days too, naturally allowing my body to fully reap the healing benefits.

Each day would begin with a great and thorough discussion on how I was feeling. In a way, it was like beginning a meditation practice... carving out space to see clearly at the over all goal, while helping us to learn about each other, one that is rare in the western world of medicine.

That time became very special to me. Building trust by listening to how I was feeling, honestly made me appreciate the kind of human beings they are, and how they love what they do and genuinely want to help you.  I mean, if the over-all goal is to be healthy, then find those who want to be healthy with you. Those healing practitioners who are raising the bar on what it means to live well is the model that Madison and Victor see clearly in their practice.

I wanted to also share... One of my favorite parts of this experience was setting a new intention each time I laid down for treatment.  Madison would say, “What would you like to create today?”...  Then in the most beautiful and poetic way, Madison would construct as few versus into a prayer, followed by them tuning into a Kundalini sacred mantra, ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO, to open the our spiritual channel, followed by “Aad  Guray Nameh” as Protection and guide to us all while they stood over me just as they were ready to start.  

The 10 days felt ritualistic, and by the end of the treatments and cleanse, I felt realigned and invigorated.. Fine tuning all aspects of my body and it's emotional well being. 

I highly recommend this treatment! For more on Udvartana and Pacific Coast Ayurveda.

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