Plant Power Way, Tea and Family.

  Deep reflections came to light of this past July, having spent time with our dearest tea sister Ashley who had traveled back to the states after spending nearly two years living in Taiwan. We met Ashley on our Global Tea Hut retreat to Wuyishan, China and instantly we were family.

Ashley trip to Los Angeles was part of her integration back to living in the states, so we kindly hosted her stay.  She had a special request to meet Srimati and we did just that. Known as thePlant Power Way Chef Author and songstress Julie Piatt.

Julie’s husband Rich Roll has a well known podcast where Ashley came to find Tea Sage Hut and its ladder Global Tea Hut, and through that experience she found us. To this honor  we connected with Julie to serve tea to her family and friends in ceremony.

As I sat pouring tea in silence, music swaying softly in the background, I felt grounded by the softness in their eyes, turning the cups in circular motion as a way of an offering.

After ceremony we were invited to stay for dinner and blessed up with some soulful tunes of Julie playing on her Sitar. later whipping up just as her book calls it, a delicious plant life meal.

“This is not your typical recipe book. It is a book about hope,

and the universally shared belief that any one of us can be better . . .

You will not find better guides in that quest.”

-Sanjay Gupta

 .....  Here are some highlights noted during Ashley's visit...

A week filled with deep and endless Tea, Love and Community.

While in flow with the weeks offerings we sat for tea tasting at Linda Louie's home, a Puerh aficionado and owner of Bana Tea Company  who shared much of her knowledge on regions of where Puerh trees resude.  Our sweet Tea brother Jeffrey owner of Zhi Tea, brought us to meet her as well as Chado Tea room owner... those moments were certainly humbling experiences about quality of tea. we smelled a variety of teas out of his warehouse then lunched at a Buddhist temple feeling much similarities to our time in Wuyi.

Later in the week a  Tea Family gathering was to be had for this momentous week when three tea wayfarers from our Wuyi trip just so happen to be in town . We were equally happy to spend time with Jade Robinson our sister from Brisbane, Australia who was also with us in Wuyi came for quick drop in for our tea party, then later in the week for sisterly tea outings.

Surprisingly after a sipping tea with family until the wee hours of the morning, we were up to for a morning meditation sit w/ Tien our beloved Tea Mother. To finish off our delightful but busy week, was spent with full moon energy basking in the glow during a sisterly tea gathering at Mystic Mamma's home, then the following day at dearest  Jane Anne Thomas workshop honoring the Beauty Way Dream Harvest.  We did squeeze in some good delicious food outings to show Ashley a bit about our lustrous Venice community. Topping off the weekend with a tea sister sleep at Tien's then a sweet finish with brother Greg in his Gal-activation tea loft.

We feel incredibly blessed for our time with Ashley, Jeffrey, Jade and the rest of our tea family who came by on many occasions during a week to drinking tea with us Sages.  More importantly looking back that week was held with a great sense of a community for those who really love tea... a medicine in itself.