Rock Tea

It's always a treat to hang with my tea family, and even better when a certain tea brother invites you over for some special tea tastings.

Colin Hudon,tea purveyor of Living tea had us try some of his latest, Wuyi YenCha. (YANCHA)

Known as rock tea,  YenCha is a unique tea from the Qing Dynasty which is cultivated deep within Wuyi Reserve.  These special trees are processed completely by hand in a traditional way. Honored by tea lovers and connoisseurs all over the world, this tea is known for it’s exquisite flavor, that price value can range in the hundreds and well into the thousands.

Alec and I tasted 6 different teas.. Some of my selects, Shui Jin Gui, Lao Jun Mei, and Shui Xian known as the Water Fairy was my absolute favorite.  You can get these teas at