With such anticipation of a well needed rainfall, It finally feels like we can start slowing down. Now let's get cozy, make a fire, drink hot coco, and celebrate what this year has brought us.   Candles are lit all over the house, the dark clouds prevail looking out... listening intently to the sounds of the rain drops hitting the ground, smelling the freshness in the air... Knowing that this is also a time of cleansing our spirits.

How was your year? Has the year been good to you?  

For us... I am happy that our friendships are growing in abundance, and those who inspire us continue to give us insight. We’re also gratefully to be supported for the work we are doing, acknowledging us in such a way that we know we are on the right path, understanding more and more where our truest journey lies ahead.

The beautiful Tayla of Namastayla and Daana Days Festival has shared her sweetest insight on our beings and wanted to share the latest Sage post of hers...

sage & tayla