Seeds for Fertility (part 1)

In Ayurveda conception is the most important part of having a healthy child, not just physically but emotionally. There are so many studies today that view conception as an integral part to human emotions. Even though we may not think this has any correlation... Conception under stressful times could pinpoint many factors of how we feel today. If we are predisposed to such ailments from our parents, and grandparents. Why isn’t emotions a part of that? This is not to say, we can’t help or change that. But it takes a lot of work, a lot of thought and much consideration for discipline. The reason why I care to discuss emotions is because food is emotional. It’s been my process for the last twenty years. I’ve studied my own body by experimenting with the likes and dislikes, so I understand these concepts now as a philosophical approach. Most of us are emotionally drawn and sometimes succumb to the food we ate as a child. Some of those foods we could admit are not the healthiest for us... refined sugars, saturated fat, over produced and chemically concentrated. I mean, we all understand, it is impossible for us as humans to stay the course of plant food diets, we have no doubt veered off over and over again, that our bodies are so over wrought with desires that we created diseases for ourselves. That said...

I have hope that some of us are doing what it takes to change our relationships to food and emotions so we can pass on a healthier mindset to the next generation.

In order to keep ourselves away from diseases caused by unnatural sources.. let’s educate ourselves and have long term goals. Test yourself for food allergies. take three months as an average and see what works for your body. It is a life long journey for everyone.  We must restore, supplement and nourishing the body in it’s rightful way, through natures gifts.. What mother earth intended for us.

Now while this was a very long entry to a discussion on my latest fascination, Seeds for Fertility, I felt it was necessary to first explain the why I felt so compelled to share my views on health... trust me, it's getting somewhere.

Lately, it seems like a massive baby boom exploded in Los Angeles,( don't you think?), so I decided to share some thoughts and studies on Seeds for Fertility.  

We will be conjuring some new insights for the next couple months on Seeds, known to be a miracle supplement for childbearing years.


My first and most important source is, Avocados:  

Ayurveda: Ojas, Tamasic, Alkalizing.. Heavy oily, gooey, sweet. Great for Vata, Pitta..  sorry Kaphas, you'll have to be mindful of your intake. ( have them in the fall during Vata season when there is much more movement and the air is dry).

Avocados are number one of natures gifts, the perfect food.  Vital for making your sex hormones, and converting food into energy. Avocados, can create new blood cells for growing baby and aiding growth, healthy vision and skin for your baby.


Essential for your baby's nerve, brain, bone and muscle development. Vitamin B6 can help reduce morning sickness (beans, nuts, bananas are other good sources). Let’s talk the good fat, shall we?  they’re high in monounsaturated fat.. the kind of fat that is healthy because it helps lower cholesterol. Good Fat plays a very important role in our endocrine system, which regulates the hormones involved in reproduction.

As an example, Estrogen is manufactured and stored in fat, so you want to get your fat in, just make it the healthy kind, which is the mono- and poly-unsaturated varieties.

Now the most important thing about eating avocados, is to eat them as natural as possible... A ripe avocado with a little sea salt and a squeeze of lemon will do you just right. You don’t have to go over board eating these... the process of fertility should be as natural as it comes. There will be natural cycle when the baby will be ready to be with you, so if you are thinking of having one, getting prepared emotionally as well as nutritionally is the key.  Most of all enjoy all it.

Every Wednesday I head to Farmers Market to stock up on avocados. Do you know, there is such thing as Fertility avocados? yep!  Shown in my photos,  They’re kind of amazing in a phallic way. Just the size of them alone, seem like a trigger for healthy reproductive.  Laura Ramirez of J.J’s Lone Daughter Ranch runs her family business, and carries these deliciously potent fertile avocados.


Written by Mikki Sage