Tea Loves Community


In a beautiful grassy setting cornering a walk-street...  Venice friends filled our Heart Space with tea, community and of course love.

The way of tea is connected to the universe...  A channel for us to create a circle, forming an alignment, then realizing through conversation we were already connected. It was wonderful to hear those discoveries, feeling the earth with my bare feet, listening to the beautiful sounds played by our tea brother Alec Bridges.

I was so happy to be capturing these moments, and an honor to be present and observe the pure bliss surrounding me.


We came together as a community, sipping teas under figs trees and feeling harmonize by the delicious spring water lovingly provided by True Essence Organics.

For some, it wasn't the easiest of full moons... a few days leading up to it felt a little out of sorts. by the end of day, the gravitational pull connected us... making us feel light and giddy while the blue skies had dimmed, and the moon rose.

It was a perfect day for a tea party and to celebrate all the lessons of the moon.

Thank you Jenny and Frank for co-creating, holding space, and igniting your community. Jenny is the founder of Living Wholly.

Big love to my dear tea family, Colin of Living Tea, Alec, Shannon, Ricky and my dearest Sage love, Chris.

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