The Root.. Gyan Mudra

In love with the subtle expression of Mudras....  Spending time with Emily in the flower fields as she plays.. vibing with the energy of the flowers, suddenly she was in a state of expression deep within her, it all just flows.  Mudras are like tapping into frequencies that convey messages within our bodies. and those outer forces that create a notion, a profoundness during meditation is like opening portals to expand and release knowledge.  

As we come into Spring, the idea is to establish our connections by first deepening our root chakra.  It is the first chakra located at the base of the spine, planting our physical body to the Earth. Gyan Mudra is our Root.  Let’s root ourselves, get grounded so we can become the masters of our thoughts. This Mudra is considered the Heirophant, the master of mind over matter, fearless and elevated. Let’s go beyond any obstacles!

In Ayurveda this Mudras boosts the air element (Vaayu), stimulating the brain, nervous system and pituitary gland.  Touch your index finger, the air (Jupiter), and your thumb, the fire. to create this mudra in the morning hours for 30-45mintures during your meditation, will deeply empower your mind...

Emily Hoda

Find the subtleties of Mudras and just play....  

More Mudras to come!  So Stay tuned!

Photo of Emily Hoda, Shining spirit, Tea sister, Yogini and soon to be TCM Practitioner.