While out for a walk with my Sage love and Buddha.. a sweet little pup we are dog-sitting, a butterfly presented herself, literally fluttering so close to my face, flirting her every move around us.  These past few weeks you have caught my eye. and just like your friend hummingbird, you beautiful little creatures continue inviting me, tempting me to pursue you, trying to capture an image.. knowing that the speed of your wings would be nearly impossible, I still try.

butterfly1As she continues to circle around us, whizzing by my eyes, imagining her landing on my nose. she latches on to a stem, staying still... as if she was signaling me an 'okay' to take her photo. It was one of those surprising, this is so cool moments. Butterfly sister remained at rest, compelling, and peaceful as I captured several images her.  I felt so honored by the unexpectedness...  thanking her for allowing me to have this time with her. The story of the butterfly medicine is considered the art of transformation. It is known, Butterflies take on many forms before it takes flight.  Certainly these days for us are about transformation, creatively figuring out our next flight, understanding where to spread our wings, show our true colors, and taking heed it is once again time to fly.