Truly Loving

We drove to Ojai to visit my dearest friend Stacy, her partner Adam, and their sweet baby Truly. Stacy married us five years ago… We have been friends since we were teenagers, but not only that, we are soul sisters in this life, and our past lives.

so fond are the days when we were in high school, sneaking into Hollywood bars, roaming about town like the wild, free and curious girls we were. But the beauty, growth and longevity of this friendship is watching her come into motherhood, seeing her hold Truly, looking into her big sea blue eyes, and loving her from the depths of her soul.

We walked to annual Lavender festival, stopped by a few local shops… one in particular, a beautiful designed shop, Tipple and Ramble owned by a friend of theirs... is definitely worth checking out should you find yourself in Ojai. We are loving the wood piece we bought for our tea serving collection.

Later we enjoyed watching Chiya perform Much to about nothing, a Shakespearean camp play at Lake Casitas. Ending our evening at local spot, Farmer and the Cook.

It was a weekend filled with truly sweet moments.