Photo by:  Mama Medicine

Photo by: Mama Medicine

Medicine Healing

This past summer of 2016, We Sages collaborated with the incredible Seer Mama Medicine, Deborah Hanecamp, an Initiated Amazonian Curendara, Reiki Master and Yogini.

Our collaboration with Tea Ceremony was a truly magical experience. A uniquely beautiful healing circle with gifted healer, Mama Medicine is in complete harmony with the universe as she uses her natural gifts and teachings as a life altering, clearing ritual.

What to expect.
In a sacred group setting with 10-15 people laying down in a circle, as are guided hour long meditaton with crystals and sound therapy. Healing baths and life enhancing actions are prescribed for homework. Deborah has facilitated Medicine Readings all over the world. We look forward to Tea and Medicine Readings with Deborah in the near future. Please check back or watch for a posting on our instagram for our next event together.

To find out more about Deborah please go to

 Photo by  Shannon Sellers

Photo by Shannon Sellers