Natural Dye & Healing Flower Workshop

If you have visited our Haus of Sages in Topanga, then you know plants and flowers embrace our surroundings. Mikki as many refer to my nickname, am working on a Flower and Poetry Book coming out this fall, so it would make sense to incorporate a collaboration on the alchemy of flowers and tea medicine.

Through an simple introduction with Floral and Botanical Artisan Cara Marie Piazza, a New york native who uses the ancient shibori techniques and bundle dyeing, they decided to collaborate on a workshop that would mix healing flowers and tea ceremony.

About this workshop

In this extensive, 3 hour workshop, you will learn how to dye and paint with frozen fresh and dried flowers to create a breathtaking masterpiece while drawing healing floral arrangements and participating in a nurturing tea ceremony ritual. Mama's and bambini welcome!

Through gently soaking petals , learn how to create your own water colors, perfect for stationary, paintings and foraging paints. Florist Sophia Moreno Bunge will create healing arrangements from locally sourced flowers, while you can draw and experiment with petals as paint. In class we will learn how to treat garments to be able to take natural dyes, extract color from flowers and natural dye stuffs while experimenting with advanced tie dye techniques you can all do at home! Through only a little steam you will learn to transmute frozen dahlia, rose and cosmos into beautiful patterns, on your fabric.

**Sept 10th 2016

Time: 4:30 pm

Location: Topanga Canyon**

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Photos from our Workshop on Sept 10th 2016, Topanga Canyon