Poetic Rhymes & Images


Look up,  This is only the beginning...

there is only you and me in this equation.



Sing joyous when The sun lights our path, walk with A lightness in your heart and play with harmony of those who dance to our song.

(w) Vibrant Singer :: Joelle Corey

and artist Dijon Daily


There we walk in silence, in a deep valley of tall grassy oats-draw,

peacefully, we stood still, slowly taking her, until the breeze boasted an alluring magic, allowing nothing more but to playfully be in her essence.

(w)  Botanical Maker of Muse Bath and Dancer:: 

Kristen FlORES

: Heal Me Heal You :

Touching you with gentleness, slowly, like leaves falling from the sky, moving only by the wind that takes me to your deep breathe solitude.

(w) Craniosacral Practitioner & Artist

Koa Kalish FEIss

  : Movement :

Forward with our breath, we dance in fluid motion, releasing, cleansing, letting our emotions take us into surrender.   

(w) Kirtan Singer + Director

Katherine Mills


Photography has always been the visual expression of my writings. My perspective and shooting style is composition in a documentary style way and usually in nature. It is the way I see my work, natural, flowing, and unpredictable.

My darling Chris, who also shoots, inspires me to see images with a techinical eye. His visual effects career and architectual background gives way to that pedigree of thought and place of admiration. Chris was the catalyst and inspiration that ignited these passions not long after we met. It was as if everything I was working towards now made sense.

Spring 2016, while taking a short break from my novel writings, I felt inspired to collaborate with dear friends, women artist + photographers for my firt poetry book which will be published 2017/ 2018 **Flowerbook, An Undeniable Force of Nature.

I have come to find while creating my Flower Book, working collectively has been a deep yearning for artistic partnership... understanding myself and finding visual expression is where my heart lies. The director in me is slowly emerging in the space of maturity, merging it all together serendipidously with my writings as more ideas continue to unfold.

~Maharlika Sage