Nature is our greatest romance.


... A perspective, a story, a feeling. Captured documentary style and typically in nature. I write what I see.

Capturing... The Natural, The mystical and The romantic.

Photography Rates: As of May 2018, Subject to change.

Book Photo Session w/ Mikki

** Nature Portaits, A love letter to nature.

Photos are taken in Topanga Canyon surrounded by this gorgeous canyon landscapes, oak trees, flowers, birds, boulders, and even looking out into the sea.

$250- 3 hours (includes) Post editorial,

  • 55-77 photos
  • Photos are taken in digital format with a Nikon 7100, lens; 35mm, 50mm, wide angle, 18/35.- Film Photos Available upon request with a separate quote on printing.

( A non-refundable $100 deposit to arrange photo shoots. The balance is due upon receipt/of photo delivery within 72hours). *

  • Will travel up to 60 miles: Photos taken outside of Topanga Canyon will require additional expenses (Based on Location, Gas, Time accured)

In the Spring 2016, while taking a short break from writing my romantic comedy novel, I felt inspired to collaborate with dear friends, women artist + photographers for my first poetry book. **Flowerbook, An Undeniable Force of Nature. Published, February 2018.  A limited book release a few copies as available at Ayam ( Playa vista), Sonomama ( Highland Park), Luxx Nomad ( Nevada City), please contact stores for availability.

- I have come to find while creating Flowerbook, working collectively gave me a deep yearning for artistic partnership.

- Everything has it's time, everthing falls into place, everything will slowly emerge into maturity, and as more ideas continue to unfold.

- My biggest inspiration comes from Nature and my love Chris, He was the catalyst that ignited these passions not long after we met.

~M Sage