Poetic Rhymes & Images


Look up ::  This is only the beginning... there is only you and I in this equation.



There we walk in silence, in a deep valley of tall grassy oats-draw,

peacefully, we stood still, slowly taking her, until the breeze boasted an alluring magic, allowing nothing more but to playfully be in her essence.

(w)  Botanical Maker of Muse Bath and Dancer:: 

Kristen Flowers

: Heal Me Heal You :

Touching you with gentleness, slowly, like leaves falling from the sky, moving only by the wind that takes me to your deep breathe solitude.

(w) Craniosacral Practitioner & Artist

Koa Kalish Feiss

  : Movement :

Forward with our breath, we dance in fluid motion, releasing, cleansing, letting our emotions take us into surrender.   

(w) Kirtan Singer + Director

Katherine Mills


Photography has always been the visual expression of my writings. my perspective is always about composition, I also shoot in a documentary style way and usually in nature.

My darling Chris, whom I consider to be the true photographer in the family, fondly, has a techinical eye by way of his visual effects career and architectual background, and something that I admire in most photographers. He was the catalyst and inspiration that ignited these passions not long after we met. It was as if everything I was always doing now made sense.

Spring 2016, while taking a short break from my novel writings, I felt inspired to collaborate with dear friends, women artist + photographers for my firt poetry book which will be published this year, 2017 Flowers of the Open Heart.

I have come to find while creating my Flower Book, working collectively, in part, has been a deep yearning for artistic partnership... understanding myself and finding that visual expression is where my heart lies. a director in me is slowly emerging in the space of maturity, it was something I long for in my work, since much of my work life has been working with directors. Merging it all together serendipidously with my writings as more ideas continue to unfold.

~Maharlika Sage