Photo by: Shannon Sellers

Photo by: Shannon Sellers

Planetary Human - Jupiter

We are captivated by our connection to the stars, planets, and infinite influences. Those we've met along the way, seeking new paradigms is our part of the dance we share with our practical minds and our philosophical one.

Over the last couple years we have collaborated with these amazing souls, Vedic Astrologer Eve James, and House of Standing Moon Artist + Seer + Totem reader Jane Anne Thomas, Both on an Individual and collaborate space.

In the later Summer of 2015 began a beautiful transformation between us all, an on-going series workshop combining Vedic Astrology and Native Animal Totems, named Plantary Human. We have so far covered, Venus (Sept 2015), Rahu+Ketu (Jan. 2016), and Jupiter (Aug 2016)
The workshop begins with an introduction of planetary knowledge, then witnessing individual readings in a group setting. It has been one of our most powerful and unique workshops.

Please be sure to email and sign up for future workshops as we have limited spaces... and these workshops seem to fill up quickly.