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Photographer ( Freelance)

Here are the broad strokes. Nature is my desire, fashion inspires a past life experience, the divine is my dharma.

A portrait photographer with an emphasis on documentary style shooting and natural light. Candid moments are my framework for composition and storytelling.

As a poet and writer, much of my work is romanticize by characters for my coming novels, poems, art+ film work.

Let’s play!

Currently, an Art Director for fashion brand Perle Mer, freelancing a variety of editorial and art projects related to my passion for Tea and Poetry.


  • Proficient in Nikon digital SLR, Adobe Light-room, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Editorial with color or black and white composition, 35mm Film shoot-per request.

  • Research and preparation for a shoot. Meet with clients to develop an overall idea, inspiration and look. Wardrobe fittings and location scouting.

    Please view my gallery before contacting me for Photography work. Rate variables based on subject(s).

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xoxo- M Sage

Tea Meditation

Tea Meditation


Tea Ceremony + Meditation + Tastings

Tea comes from tea plant Camellia Sinensis.

In Chinese tea culture we refer to chayi, as the art of drinking tea. The art is balancing harmony with traditional practices, meditation, awareness in the five elements of nature.

Practices: Bowl Tea + Gong fu cha, Silent Meditation, Tea and Dessert— the Art of setting up Chaxi-

Study: We have been Tea enthusiast since 2010… studying and traveling to help further our understanding with all livelihoods sharing tea. We have found ourselves with many beautiful tea people, who have given us endless inspiration.

Tea leaf medicine has been so kind and gentle that she nudges us to continue exploring her vibration, finding heart space, new practices and connections.

The Art of Tea service are 1.5 hours with 40 minute set up.

Please connect with us for private ceremonies.