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As artists we have longed desired to share a story of who we are. In our true essence, we Sage’s are makers, creators, and givers.

Each year we continue to expand on just what that means to us, even if one year it is something very different, but new and exciting to us. We are inspired by natures backdrop, it is our guide to limitless creation, manifesting a narrative of function, sustainability and eloquence.

Thank you for supporting our work. Love, The Sages

1970's ( Mom's Garden)

1970's ( Mom's Garden)


This tender piece has only faint imprints of flowers, and touched with a little avocado making the look like sea shells. made with tea flowers, chamomile and marigolds. 100% Linen— This is lightweight/paper style linen.

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This series of Tea Table Runners is made w/ Organic Flax Linen in a bundle dyed fashion. I love the style because it represents my carefree nature and my wabi sabi way of making art. Each one is unique and can't be replicated because of the type of dye work.

It is made with a variety of oolong and dark teas, along with Wild and Garden flowers such as pin-cushions, lavender, sage, calendula, chamomille.

reminscent of my parents home in the 1970's, the linen is very lightweight, thin, and has a vintage look and feel.

In addition, I decided to keep these at a lower cost, even though the quality of the linen, time and effort alone exceeds that.

I am exploring the idea of what consumer means and that we should be able to afford something beautiful and handmade, an approachable way to stand up against big corporate run industries. From time to time the idea is making sure there is something for everyone.

HANDLE with Care: The edges are not sewn and considered raw fabric that has been washed and dyed, therefore you will need to hand wash hang dry with low iron press. This fabric does naturally wrinkle.