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As artists we have longed desired to share a story of who we are. In our true essence, we Sage’s are makers, creators, and givers.

Each year we continue to expand on just what that means to us, even if one year it is something very different, but new and exciting to us. We are inspired by natures backdrop, it is our guide to limitless creation, manifesting a narrative of function, sustainability and eloquence.

Thank you for supporting our work. Love, The Sages

The Inner Sun

The Inner Sun


The Inner Sun~ book will be published & distributed after Sept 21, 2019. In a soft cover Zine format.

Based on the seven planetary influences and our birthday. Stories, poems and painted art work inspires this written work, a planetary guide based on seven 52 day cycles of the year.

Written by Maharlika Sage,

Art work by Melissa McConnell


Welcome... Inner Sun

I have written something new, it is here and I’m ready to share this work. It is reflection of who I am today, not 5 years ago but today.

That said, it has always been with me and I share my own interpretation. Some of the last few years of my study in Ayurveda, Jyotish, planetary alignments and our own divine blueprint has lead me here.

Inner Sun will be a beautifully art printed magazine filled with seven planetary insights on how to work with our new birth year (yes, our birthday). These short stories will stoke your curiosity and carry reflections and understanding throughout the year.

Artwork by dearest muse Melissa McConnell, who establishes her waxing poetic art to lead the journey ahead, she evokes her mystical beauty to my written words .

Thank you for your support,

Maharlika & Melissa