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As artists we have longed desired to share a story of who we are. In our true essence, we Sage’s are makers, creators, and givers.

Each year we continue to expand on just what that means to us, even if one year it is something very different, but new and exciting to us. We are inspired by natures backdrop, it is our guide to limitless creation, manifesting a narrative of function, sustainability and eloquence.

Thank you for supporting our work. Love, The Sages

Jupitarian (1)

Jupitarian (1)


This is a work of art and really feels like you are on planet Jupiter. measures 53in(l)x 71/2in(w)— 4.41 ft. made with Oolongs and Shou Puerh Teas. 100% Linen. medium to heavyweight fabric.

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This series of 6 naturally dyed Tea/Table Runners are made with 100% Organic Linen. The fabric itself is thicker and sublime to the touch. it certainly is a piece of fabric that if handed down generations, it will survive with great care. The fabric was dyed with a recipe variation of Wild Organic Teas and Botanicals.

This series is made by Mr. Sage with a deep reverence of patterning inspired by Japanese Shibori design. His designs are a work of art, and like a meditation practice of cloths being shaped, binded, and knotted. The verb root shiboru is "to wring, squeeze, press." ... and the outcome is simply stunning.

If effort to understand cost, pricing and value. The technique and process of naturally dying can take days and weeks and therefore priced in the way of how we value our time and effort.

*Handle with Care The edges are cut raw. All cloths should be Handwashed, hung dry and lightly iron pressed.