Tea Pots + Ceramic Art

Haus of Sages curates Tea pots and Art work by ceramicists Peter Kuo of Da Qian Wood Firing Studio, located in Yingee, Taiwan.  Along with his wife CiCi Chan who runs their studio, we held their first Pottery exhibit in Santa Monica, California in Jan 2016 with great success, and in June 2017,  The Chandran Gallery in San Francisco, hosted Peter's work in a three day series curated by Cici Chan and Mikki Sage.

We continue to carry Peter's beloved work intermittently and privately in Topanga Canyon.

Each piece is a sought after work of art and functional for every day use.

We invite you to view his work and is available for purchase here ( scroll below).

Update as of March 10, 2018

At the moment we are working on getting a few last remaining tea pots, vases, etc from last year collection up on our website. We hope to do so by April 2018.  Please continue to go directly to their website http://daqiantw.com for current Tea pot info.  Thank you.


If you are interested in purchasing a one of a kind Wood fired Side handle Tea Pot, Gongfu Pot, Ceramics and other trinkets found on our travels.  See below for the stock we have left.

We welcome you to email us at Hausofsages@gmail.com, If you are interested in purchasing a Tea Pot, have questions, or want to schedule a private Tea Ceremony.


Tea Pots


Small Wood Handle Tea Pots, Size 100-200cc,  Serves 2-3 people, $300

Medium Wood Handle Tea Pots   Size 200-300cc,  Serves 3-5 People $350


Large Wood Handle 500ccServes 4-7 $450

GongfuPots $250

Tea Bowls $50 each

Cotton Tea Cloths $20 each

Tea Art    Candle Holders Vase $100

Tea pot photos captured by Melissa Parke Rousseau http://mparkestudio.com/