Tea Ceremony Sits

We curate organic, living and sometimes Wild grown from our Tea family from across the globe. Creating relationships with our Tea purveyors who are directly sourcing tea from small farms allows us to enjoy a rich tea experience as we commune with nature, community and stillness.

Tea ceremony can be a deeply transformative practice, together in a meditative and quiet space. A Tea sit is usually one + half hours (1.5), During this time we experience **silent moving meditation with those around us, it is a space in which to observe, reflect or clear our mind. We gather in a group setting of 6-8 people in a thoughtful atmosphere. Ceremony is lead by either Chris or Mikki Sage.


  • Creates a state of balance in your mind, body, + soul
  • Increases Optimism, Relaxation and Awareness
  • Feelings of Calm and Awake
  • Qi (chi) Energy moves
  • Deepen your connection Nature and the Five Elements; Air, Space, Water, Fire, Earth
  • Prolongs Health and Longevity

On our reccent travels to Taiwan and Malaysia in 2016, we were met with a few Tea Teachers that gave us a wealth of knowledge on how to prepare a fine cup of tea. This skilful brewing method is called Gongfu. Coming back to this practice, brings us to our first time we had tea... in a music festival where tea was brewed this way.

Gongfu is considered a practice of the Chinese and Taiwanese people. It can be brewed in many ways as each teacher has taught us different yet fundamental values adding to our own practice.

Going Forward. On occasion we will be hosting a few intimate Gongfu sessions to share our on-going knowledge. Please know we are not teachers, but honored guest of this traditional practice, so we share teachings of what we learned as if we were a guest to these tea masters. We welcome everyone in our sacred space.

Our workshops will include time for tea, history and brewing methods. A suggested donation will be noted in the invite when the time comes. This exchange allows us reciprocity for our practice to move forward plus covers our expenses such; water + fine tea as well as our time and space. We greatly appreciate your support.

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Photos above by Monroe Alverez

Tea History

For thousands of years Tea has been revered for it's mythical story when few a leaves were dropped from a tree into a legendary Emperor's water, changing the color. The emperor took a sip of the brew and was pleasantly surprised by its flavor and restorative properties. These Tea Trees were part of the genus of Camellia Sinensis, as Chinese philospher Laozi noted Tea as the elixir of life.

Over the last few centuries Tea was mostly known as a beverage, and became a commmodity for commercial production which was first introduced into India by the British in an attempt to break the Chinese monopoly on tea.

Looking further and deeper in the realms of the Ancient Wisdom Keepers, Tea Trees were thought of as medicinal. Tea Leaves when brewed also held the power of transformation, a space for community, the heart of grace, and the expression that each bowl shared is conscious art that brings us all closer together.

The Way of Tea and Tea ceremony was brought into our lives by Living Tea Purveyor Colin Hudon, introducing us to Meditation Teacher, Author and monk Aaron Fisher, known asWU DE.

Wu De helms a Tea and Meditation Center, Tea Sagehut in Maioli Taiwan and the latter publication that has brought many together Global Tea Hut.

We have being drinking and learning about Tea since 2010 and sharing our Tea Ceremony practice since our formal meeting in 2012. These past few years have been plentiful, we feel grateful to have shared many bowls and stil in awe of how much the leaf has brought into our lives. While it seems we found tea, in all honestly we found each other, as if we were reunited. Our practice with tea meditation has taught us about our own sensibilities and lifestyle choices, and as with all things that have come to inspire us. We continue to grow, change and find discoveries in it's teachings.


with Tea sister Baelyn Elspeth